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King Price automates client engagement and onboarding via SMS API.

King Price Insurance

Meeting New Needs

King Price provides its customers with affordable insurance solutions to suit any budget and need. As part of their mission to turn insurance on its head, they were the first (and still only) insurer to decrease car premiums monthly as the cars lose value.

King Price was looking for a simple and effective way of reaching new customers, generating leads, and re-initiating conversations with people who had previously enquired about insurance.

As a quick solution to stimulate engagement and automate these time-consuming tasks, King Price implemented's Business Messaging API to deliver SMS messages.

King Price Insurance

Turning Queries Into Leads

King Price is always looking for new and innovative ways to grow their business. To do so, they need to process leads as soon as they come through and follow up with potential clients in an efficient and effective way.

A simple SMS is one of the quickest ways to remind potential clients to get a quote, and for these clients, it's easy to start the conversation process with an immediate reply, offered King Price an easy-to-use interface as well as transactional API to meet these needs. This has enabled the insurer to improve their customer service and ensure that no potential clients fall through the cracks.

As a result of the implementation, King Price has been able to reinitiate between 10-15% of conversations where potential clients did not yet finalise their policies in the past.

Regular Updates for Improved Service

The mobile lead process starts as soon as a potential client submits a lead form on the King Price website. Following the lead form submission, a thank you SMS is triggered.

Critically, the thank you SMS includes details of the number that King Price representatives will be calling from, which has increased answer rates by 8% whilst improving conversion rates continuously.

“Using SMS is proving to be an easy and efficient channel to onboard our clients. They get updated every step of the way with reminders to complete certain actions when needed – all at the click of a button,” said Johan.

Johan Barnard, General Manager at King Price

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More Than Just Simple Service

" offers conversational commerce solutions as well as reliable service. Our account manager is available whenever we have a query. We found this to be of great value, especially during the early stages when we were getting to know the software."

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