Amphia Hospital Pioneers With RCS Messaging

First European hospital to use new messaging service RCS for optimizing patient communication 


Instant and Effective Patient Contact

Top clinical teaching hospital Amphia in Breda is one of the most modern hospitals in the Netherlands. The hospital - with over 4,500 healthcare professionals - aims to provide patients with the best medical and nursing care.

RCS messaging

Safe Innovations

Safety comes first and where innovation is possible, it is done. In partnership with, the hospital implemented RCS (Rich Communication Services). RCS is technically the next step in direct text messaging. This successor to the traditional SMS enables safe, direct, high-quality, and efficient patient contact. 

RCS Messaging

RCS, the New SMS

Within healthcare, the use of SMS has shown to be a proven means of reducing the so-called 'no show' of patients from 15 to only 5 percent. RCS is in fact the next generation SMS, which not only verifies the sender, but can also offer added value in an easily accessible way.

"SMS is a proven communication technique, part of every mobile phone. However, we are always actively looking at where we can make steps to further optimize communication with the patient", says Jobbe van Nuenen, Business Manager Healthcare ICT at Amphia.

Secure and Rich Messaging Service for Contact With Patients

RCS enables safer and more complete communication, e.g., through additional (GIF) images, audio, video, added (appointment) links or documents. The fact that Amphia is the first in Europe to start implementing RCS underlines their drive for innovation combined with the assurance of safety.

"As a hospital we want to innovate with proven technology so that it can be used without risk for our patients", says van Nuenen. "We are confident in using RCS because patient safety is never compromised and at the same time patient satisfaction can only increase." 

Growing With Technology

The telecom provider-based RCS deployment verifies the sender, so patients know that a received message really comes from their healthcare provider. It also offers the possibility of sending images, audio, or video. It is also possible to enter into a dialogue with a patient (live or via a chatbot).

Not all telecom providers support RCS currently, but according to van Nuenen that is a reason to start now. "Patients who are not yet able to receive RCS will receive an ordinary SMS. This communication will continue, where necessary. Meanwhile, we can continue to innovate, and as RCS becomes commonplace, we as a hospital have organically grown with the technology."

Support Patients in Their Care Process

Amphia views RCS as a communication channel that optimizes the logistical and operational care process. For example, a direct link to the patient portal mijnAmphia for appointments and notifications or for sending (route) information.

"But also QR codes, for example, which can be scanned by the patient at the digital registration kiosk upon entering the hospital, so that all relevant information for that particular visit is immediately and correctly entered into the system. We always have low-threshold professional contact in mind, and this undeniably creates opportunities."

"With RCS, we want to reach patients in their care process in a safe and complete way that is even more customer-friendly. It's about helping the patient even better in his or her care process."

Amphia messaging partner

Being at the Forefront With a Messaging Partner and Amphia have been partners in the implementation of the SMS services since 2016 and now subsequently RCS. "We were looking for a new party to facilitate our SMS services" van Nuenen explains.

" turned out to be the partner of choice for several reasons. We like to keep ties with the region. The fact that's head office is also in Breda creates a bond. More importantly, they are in the vanguard with innovative and proven technology. That fits perfectly with the way our hospital works. From that collaboration and open dialogue, the implementation of RCS has become a reality."

Relieving the Care Sector

Van Nuenen calls the collaboration with organic. Wishes, possibilities and needs are heard and both parties are enthusiastic about the way technology can be implemented in the care process.

"As a hospital, we are constantly thinking about how we can organize our processes even better and safer. is the ideal partner when it comes to technical communication solutions. They understand us and actively think along with us, coming up with possibilities and solutions that can take the burden off us in optimizing the communicative part of the care process."

RCS communication

Frontier for Healthcare Institutions in Europe

RCS is currently still a small part of the patient communication mix, van Nuenen emphasizes. "However, precisely because we can roll this out risk-free and patient-friendly in close cooperation with makes it a great challenge.

If there is a method available to communicate with patients in a safer and smarter way, we should seriously explore it. We are convinced that this can be a solution for the future and in fact by being the first to implement RCS we are the forerunner for all other healthcare institutions in Europe."

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