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Minimise risk with mobile two-factor authentication

Stay ahead of cybercrime and protect your organisation against fraudulent login attempts and potential catastrophic effects on your business. CM Secure solutions offer unique Hybrid Two-factor, One Time Password solution that can be delivered in your app via Push or via our reliable high quality SMS routes.

  1. Optimal delivery
    Always reach your customers’ phone with our Hybrid OTP multi-channel solution using SMS, Voice and in-App Push to deliver your message.
  2. Flexibility
    You can either use CM’s API to generate secure OTPs for you, generate your own passwords and let CM deliver them or use a security partner of your choice.
  3. One Platform
    One monthly fee to benefit from the whole CM Platform experience, opening-up a world full of additional services to explore.


Benefit from the high reliability of SMS to reach your users wherever they are: 98% open rate within 30 seconds. Fast and secure, make sure you messages always reach your customers in a few seconds. CM is an SMS expert since 1999. Simply use our free and secure OTP API to generate, send and verify one time passwords.

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Mobile OTP message

Voice OTP

What if you don’t want your message to be delivered as a text message for security reasons? What if a voice message is the preferred channel of your audience? Use our powerful Voice OTP API to send out your One-Time Passwords, or implement Voice as a back-up in case your SMS is not delivered. Benefit from CM’s Voice Platform, providing worldwide coverage, premium-only quality and guaranteed sharp rates.

Would you like to receive more information about Voice OTP? Contact us now, we are happy to tell you more about it.

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Voice OTP message

Push OTP

Do you have an App? But not all of your users have your App? With our Hybrid OTP solution you can send your One-Time Password as a push to your App users and as an SMS or Voice message to those who aren’t. Benefit from the instant delivery of push, generate more App interaction and engagement and lower your costs!

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OTP Push message

OTP Messaging pricing

Please get in touch for a complete pricelist

Example of prices per destination SMS OTP Push OTP Voice OTP
United Kingdom£ 0,0480£ 0,0230Pricing on request
Netherlands£ 0,0758£ 0,0379Pricing on request
Belgium£ 0,0775£ 0,0387Pricing on request
France£ 0,0590£ 0,0295Pricing on request
Germany£ 0,0674£ 0,0337Pricing on request

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