Secure login with One Time Passwords

Choose and combine One Time Passwords via SMS, Voice & Push

Limit online threats and protect your organisation against fraudulent login attempts. By adding One Time Passwords as a second layer of authentication to your login processes, you are sure the login session is done by the authorised user.

CM offers several reliable Two-factor Authentication solutions via One Time Passwords with worldwide coverage. Depending on your users, choose or combine OTP via SMS, Voice and Push.

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    Delivery guaranteed

    By choosing our multi-channel solution Hybrid, One Time Passwords are delivered with fallback via one of our other channels.

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    Flexibility of your choice

    You can use CM’s API to generate OTPs, generate your own passwords for 2FA and let CM deliver them or use a security partner of your choice.

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    Access our platform

    Through our platform, you'll be able to use SMS, Voice and Push for more purposes. Joining CM gives you access all our mobile solutions.

One Time Passwords via SMS

With a 98% open rate within 30 seconds, SMS is known for its high reliability. By sending One Time Passwords via SMS, you are sure to reach your users wherever they are.

Even when users don't have access to the internet they can still use this multi-factor authentication solution.

Generate your OTP
One Time Passwords via SMS

One Time Passwords via Voice

An alternative to SMS is Voice. With Voice, the spoken password is received as a phone call on the user's mobile. The passwords will not be stored on the user's phone and Voice allows you to reach users with limited sight. You can also implement Voice as a back-up in case your SMS is not delivered. 

Want to know more about our Voice OTP? Contact us now, we are happy to tell you more.

One Time Passwords via Voice

One Time Passwords via Push

If you have an app, you can send One Time Passwords via the cost effective channel Push. Your user will be shown the Password in their app, after which it will no longer be seen on their phone. A targeted solution for single login sessions, used for both consumers and employees.

Also want to reach people who don't have your app, or those who are temporarily offline? Read more about Hybrid OTP below.

One Time Passwords via Push

One Time Passwords via Hybrid

By making smart combinations between our different OTP solutions, you will make sure all passwords are delivered successfully. In case an SMS cannot be delivered, you can choose Voice as a backup.

Or are you sending your OTP via Push? If the user is offline or doesn’t have your app installed, the OTP can be sent via SMS fallback.

One Time Passwords via Hybrid

How CM's Access solutions secure and protect your business

OTPs via CM are very stable. Every time an employee wants to login, it is possible – no matter what time of the day.

European Steel Producer

Our employees are very satisfied about the ease and delivery time of the SMS messages containing the One Time Passwords.

Van Dijk Flora

We are a 24/7 organisation. It is crucial to receive SMS messages for Two-Factor Authentication immediately. CM can be reached by day and night, all year round.


Pricing for Two-factor Authentication

Please get in touch for a complete price

OTP Pricing per destination OTP via SMS OTP via Push OTP via Vioce
South Africa R0,1841 R0,09205 Pricing on request
Malawi R0,6156 R0,3078 Pricing on request
Namibia R0,4251 R0,21255 Pricing on request
Zambia R0,2638 R0,1319 Pricing on request
Ghana R0,5717 R0,28585 Pricing on request
Zimbabwe R0,5130 R0,2565 Pricing on request

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