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Conversational AI is Launching Advanced Cross-Product Generative AI Capabilities

Breda, Netherlands, June 22, 2023 -, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is excited to kickstart its new cross-product Generative AI platform with a group of 10 of its leading customers. Announces AI Partnerships

This new breed of contextual generative AI will be able to generate answers on incoming end-user questions based on a customer’s domain, without the need to define comprehensive and lengthy conversational flows. Customer Service Agents using’s Mobile Service Cloud will be able to experience a new generation of AI-powered assistants, generating agent suggestions and next-best agent actions, and providing a new internal knowledge base to avoid the need to look up information from both internal and external sources when engaging with customers.

A select panel of leading local corporates in different sectors has agreed with to start using our newly developed toolkit with AI applications in their sales, marketing, and service activities. In the coming months, companies like Vattenfall, Pathé, Independer, Vacansoleil, Eluscious and Yoursurprise will further integrate the new Generative AI applications of in their environments.

Whether it is a chatbot, contact center software or a marketing tool, these applications are all within the domain of conversational interaction. By their very nature, they are perfectly positioned to extract extraordinary value out of Large Language Models. already had these tools neatly integrated with one another and has been conceiving and building a platform that infuses this total offering with generative AI capabilities. Next to pre-determined internal sources like bot and agent interactions, this new service also ingests large amounts of external data from knowledge bases, websites, and various types of documentation within the customers’ domain. This clever data repository is built up using Retrieval-Augmented Generation technology, which uses’s proprietary AI models, its customers’ data, and fully integrated Large Language Models connected through’s integration marketplace.

“Since 2020, acquired CX Company and Building Blocks as it recognized the potential of AI applications in Conversational Commerce. has been working hard to integrate its AI capabilities. With the advent of generative AI, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), is announcing a new chapter to its AI efforts.”, says Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO and co-founder of is answering the call from clients and prospects alike to embed these revolutionary capabilities in a way that surpasses simple passthrough of requests towards LLMs.

“Our goal is to offer a seamless integration of AI applications in the business models of our clients by allowing customers to automatically create a conversational AI based on their data within the platform, while also allowing them to connect external data sources. This new breed of domain-bound generative AI will have the ability to generate contextual answers, given a customers preferred tone-of-voice, avoiding common LLM pitfalls like hallucination. Our new technology will work together with other existing AI capabilities to ensure we offer clients observability, control, performance, and cost-effectiveness at scale. We want to go beyond just jumping on the ChatGPT hype and ensure thought-through enterprise-grade applicability”, says Rutger de Ruiter, Head of SaaS at

Data privacy and security are warranted through the long-term partnerships holds with vendors such as Google and Microsoft. As business partners in the development of their AI capabilities, ensures that its customers' data is under control. Topics like privacy redaction in the form of anonymization, strict SLAs, and full transparency and control through the extensive analytics and insights offered within the platform, are all taken care of to ensure security, consistency, control, and scalability throughout its product portfolio.

“Another key topic we're working on is an (un)supervised learning mechanism where the conversational AI becomes more intelligent and aware of the needs the end-customer has. Our customers have a lot of data available without them knowing it. will be integrating a mechanism in the upcoming months with a number of clients, where live agents can automatically train their business' conversational AI by simply talking to customers. The conversational AI will no longer be a separate part of a clients’ customer service team. Instead, it will learn as time goes on, and it will be able to cover the questions live agents are receiving more and more without the need to define rigid conversational flows.”, says Arman van Lieshout, Senior Product Manager at

The developments made so far have resulted in a fully integrated multi-engine Natural Language Understanding that works out-of-the-box for both new and existing customers. The integrations with’s portfolio and’s marketplace products allow for integration with all relevant external sources. The tool recognizes over 128 languages and is fully integrated into analytics and insights to provide transparency, grip, and reliability for its customers.

"Vacansoleil is happy to take part in the private beta sessions with For us this is a natural progression of our constructive partnership and aligned with the way we work with our customers where we’re always looking to make a positive contribution to them achieving their goal. A beautiful, carefree, and memorable holiday.", says Eric Kluitenberg, Senior Manager Customer Service at Vacansoleil.

Path to Profitability is looking forward to rolling out these new capabilities in the coming period as part of its Path to Profitability, to increase its added value for its existing client base and pipeline.

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