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Seamless customer support at the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

In the run-up to any event, attendees will have numerous questions, such as "how do I get there," "where can I find my tickets," and "Is there somewhere to stay nearby." F1 fans often ask these types of questions before the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

Instant support from one source 

Sometimes fans' questions can go unanswered, or event organisers take too long to respond. These questions aren't usually asked when there are weeks to spare; attendees often need an answer there and then. The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix centralised its customer service and contact in one place so that visitors can ask questions to the Race Engineer – a chatbot that's available 24/7. Frequently Asked Questions are dynamically loaded into the conversation and can be put to the chatbot with one click, and The Race Engineer is fully-branded, with a personality that matches the Dutch Grand Prix's tone of voice. The real plus here is that a chatbot helps customers instantly and adds a personal touch to the F1 experience before fans have even set foot inside the circuit.  

And if they'd rather speak to a real person, the Race Engineer can hand the conversation over to a human agent where required.

The right person at the right time 

No one likes to repeat themselves. The Dutch Grand Prix's centralised customer service solution ensures all partners are working together – the ticketing partner can speak to fans on the same platform the campsite organiser uses – so fans' questions get to the right person the first time they ask them. Smart routing helps connect fans to the right employee at the right time, meaning customer service agents can work more efficiently, and attendees get a better, more personal customer service experience.  

DGP chatbot human agent questions

Integrated customer service solution to increase efficiency 

Fans can also reach the team in other ways (social media or other conversational channels, for example). Our centralised customer service solution, using our Mobile Service Cloud, has a host of options to provide service and support efficiently. Preset answer suggestions can help employees quickly find answers to repetitive questions – they simply select them from a list of suggested responses. It's also easy to work collaboratively, both internally and externally, since everything the team needs is there in one inbox.  

Data-driven event optimisation

Chatting with thousands of visitors is always challenging, and the Dutch Grand Prix team continuously learns from previous experiences and customer queries. Customer data is integrated into the customer service solution to make conversations even more personal. Agents instantly know who they're talking to, with a complete history of previous contact, making it easier to understand situations and help fans more effectively.

Insights from the customer service solution, such as incoming questions, number of conversations and response times, are used to continually optimise the Grand Prix's processes. Peak times are easily spotted, and the team scaled up and down to cope with increased and decreased demand. 

The Dutch Grand Prix can use its data to further improve the fan experience for the next event. Should the team discover that the majority of questions from the previous year concerned circuit access, they can enhance signposting, ensure the event app makes entry points clearer, or create a chatbot FAQ specifically for this. 

DGP mobile service cloud platform data

Get to know your visitors better 

Do you want to get more from your customer support and get to know your visitors better?'s solutions help you provide efficient service, understand your visitors, and gather input and valuable data. Discover our customer service solutions for your event. 

Conversational AI Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud are not the only solutions we provide for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. If you're interested in discovering other ways we help the team enhance their fan experience, get in touch to learn more. 

Curious to learn what we can do for your event? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Curious to learn what we can do for your event? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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