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How Nevobo communicates in a hyper relevant way with its supporters using Mobile Marketing Cloud.


Eyes on the price

Nevobo - short for Dutch Volleyball Association - has a clear goal in mind: to let as many people as possible enjoy volleyball. “Preferably active in the field yourself, but watching a match or visiting one is also allowed,” says Martin van Berkel, Manager Communication & Media.

Nevobo Ek Mannen

Corona as a show stopper

It's up to Martin and his team to use marketing and communication in such a way that volleyball is in the spotlight. This is not necessarily easy during these times. COVID-19 is a big show stopper for Nevobo.

"Normally, events are a huge happening for the sport and therefore very important to us." But, they don't give up on Nevobo, on the contrary. They try to bring as many major volleyball events to the Netherlands as possible. The Women's World Cup is on the agenda in 2022; one of the largest sporting events ever held in the Netherlands.

Communicative challenges

In the recent years, Nevobo has made great strides in the field of digital marketing and communication. They've been working with a tool that allowed them to properly analyze visitor behavior on their website. However, this tool did not fit sufficiently with their ambitions to be able to maintain more targeted communication with its various target groups.

Nevobo customer success story

Data spread over individual channels

Enough available data was not a problem for Nevobo.

From various data sources - such as the membership administration, ticketing data and mailing lists - Nevobo obtained valuable visitor data. But because they were insufficiently connected to each other, the sources only operated on its own.

Martin: “As a result, we were unable to respond properly to visitor behavior and developments, and so we missed many opportunities.

The right content at the right time

Nevobo started looking for tooling with which the various data sources could be connected. “We knew that with such a tool we could ensure that visitors receive personal, relevant content in their mailbox at the right time. In's Mobile Marketing Cloud we found exactly what we need to guarantee this. ”

Nevobo customer succes story

Mobile Marketing Cloud to the rescue!

Nevobo compared several options but came to the conclusion that was the right party for them to solve their problem.

“The functionalities of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) in Mobile Marketing Cloud fit seamlessly with the desire to improve our online performance and marketing communication. The deciding factor? That we were able to link all data sources together with the platform, and that we can communicate with our supporters in a targeted, relevant and very personal way. For us, Mobile Marketing Cloud is the ideal link between technology and communication.” 

A warm welcome for new members

Nevobo has only been working with Mobile Marketing Cloud for a few months. Setting up an automated e-mail flow was one of the first achievements. “Nowadays, new members automatically receive a number of personalized, relevant emails in which we welcome them, give them information about the competitions, explain how our app works and how people can take advantage of our partner benefits, etc. These emails not only increase the visibility and added value of us as a volleyball association, but are also of great added value for new members. A classic win-win situation. ”

Nevobo customer succes story

Great strides for the future

Now it's time for the next steps. "As soon as the flow of welcome emails is fully integrated into our system, we will roll out to other target groups." Trainers, referees and hospitality partners are on the list. “Serving all these target groups optimally by means of personal, relevant content: that is what matters. In order to achieve good communication goals that we've as a volleyball association - full fields, full stands, strong clubs and proud partners - strong content marketing is a must. With's tooling, we can make great strides in that area. ”

A proactive, cooperative partner

The kickstart phase is over now, to Martin's full satisfaction. and Nevobo are no strangers. The Volleybal association has been using's ticketing software to sell tickets for events for quite some time. This collaboration has always been pleasant and constructive. “Especially's capacity to think along is great, both on a technical and strategic level. If something is not immediately possible, they think very proactively about solutions and ways to meet our wishes - which almost always succeeds. Lines are short and the gears are fast: for us that's exactly what we're looking for in a partner. I hope that in the long run we'll be able to show even more sports associations that strategic, data-driven marketing communication makes an enormously positive contribution to the sport, our supporters and your own goals. ”

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