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Reliable SMS notifications for bookers and sellers

Each month, sends hundreds of thousands of notifications to its bookers and sellers to keep them informed about booking confirmations, incoming quotes, inquiries and cancellations. That means that for, reliability and high delivery rates are critical.

About SafariNow was founded in 1999 and has become Southern Africa's largest accommodation booking website which represents accommodation over both the informal sector (including self-catering and vacation rentals) and the formal sector (including hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts.

The Challenge

With thousands of booking notifications going through the platform each day, reliable communication is of the upmost importance. Partnering with a provider that can guarantee stable and fast communication was the primary goal.

"The bookers and sellers at rely on interaction. Not all of the sellers have a global distribution system that distributes the information," says Matthew Evans, CTO of says.

The Solution turned to's SMS API to deliver their booking-related notification. "The delivery rates must be very high", Mr. Evans continues. " provides an analytics tool that shows real-time information regarding messaging delivery time and rates. Due to the customer-centric approach that offers, we chose them to deliver our bookers and sellers quick mobile communications."

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The Results

Partnering with means can rely on stable and fast sms messaging routes throughout the African continent and the rest of the world.

Moreover, having access to detailed analytics, means they can monitor their delivery rates daily and thereby ensuring bookers and sellers are kept informed throughout the customer journey.

safarinow booking flow via rcs

Mobile innovation for customer excellence

James Bayhack,'s Country Manager in South Africa about the partnership: "Since's inception in 1999, they have led the way and are now recognised as the largest local booking service for South and East Africa.

With mobile-first being at the forefront of all innovative business' such as and our experience in mobile solutions to the Hospitality industry we are set to ensure that due to continued changes in mobile innovation and customer demands, is geared for continued customer excellence."

multi-channel messaging flow

New ways of managing customer service and are already preparing to setup new ways of managing customer service with's Customer Contact dashboard. A single dashboard that combines multiple messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and SMS within one dashboard for seamless customer service.

This dashboard creates order in the overload of communication channels, saves valuable time from your employees and increases your NPS.

Customer ContactWhatsApp Business


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