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Nov 10, 2020
3 minutes read to Introduce RCS: A New Generation of Text Messaging for the Netherlands, the global provider of cloud-based Conversational Commerce, is launching a new generation of text messaging in the Netherlands known as RCS (Rich Communication Services). This will be done in collaboration with Vodafone Netherlands, following a successful rollout in Germany. RCS enables companies to communicate with consumers in a richer and safer way. An RCS message can include pictures and buttons, making it easy for the consumer to make choices in the conversation or to make a payment.

RCS Offers Better Protection Against Fraud

As well as supporting rich and interactive content, RCS also has security advantages. Unlike some other communication channels, companies that use RCS always have a ‘Verified Profile’. Companies are only granted this profile after stringent checks by the RCS provider. That means recipients do not need to worry about unauthorized persons misusing the service.

Worldwide Support

RCS is a new global messaging standard for the business market that is supported by all telecom operators. There are currently 1.2 billion mobile handsets that support RCS in circulation around the world. That figure is expected to grow to 3.9 billion by 2025. Recipients of an RCS message do not need to install any special apps. Android provides native support for RCS. In the unlikely event that a mobile phone is not suitable for receiving RCS messages, this will be recognized by the network and a regular SMS will be sent with the same functionality, but without enrichments like multimedia and buttons.

A Successful Combination

Vodafone’s RCS expertise and worldwide network, in combination with the applications of the platform, have proven to be a successful formula. According to GSMA estimates, in mid-2020 there were 500 million active RCS users per month globally. According to Mobilesquared, a market intelligence agency for business messaging, RCS is set to officially become the world’s largest corporate messaging platform with over two billion users or 50 percent of the total number of smartphone users. That means that companies can reap the rewards of providing a richer and better service for their customers and enjoy a significantly higher response rate. 

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of “The Netherlands is the logical next step for to roll out RCS. We focus on the global Conversational Commerce market in which mobile first and personal communication are central. RCS enables any company to incorporate Conversational Commerce into their business processes. It offers them the opportunity to create a complete customer journey using mobile, including all touch points. In addition, RCS responds to the need for real-time and personal contact. From now on, Dutch consumers will also be able to benefit from more convenience when interacting with brands.” 

Michiel Peters, Wholesale Manager at VodafoneZiggo: “RCS is a very effective way for organizations to connect and stay in touch with their customers, wherever they are, because it combines the benefits of SMS with the latest messaging applications. Companies can now share rich advertising campaigns through our network and platform and offer digital customer services or sales directly through RCS.”

Find more information about RCS on our RCS page.

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