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Apr 17, 2020
3 minutes read First to Launch Rich Communication Services (Rcs) in Germany, a global Conversational Commerce provider, has announced the launch of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in Germany in partnership with Vodafone Germany.

RCS is the next generation of SMS messaging, with features such as Buttons, Verified Sender and Rich Media, now available for brands in Germany. provides the tools to leverage the RCS channel by configuring Rich Features, Chatbots and Customer Contact Tooling. Lieferando and DJ Brennan Heart are the first German brands to utilise RCS technology.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO,, says, “In addition to our existing RCS business in the US with our client, we are proud to announce the expansion of RCS in our key market Germany, together with our partner, Vodafone. RCS is a perfect fit for Conversational Commerce and any brand who needs to engage with consumers on a mobile device. is committed to RCS and our customers can expect to see many more RCS launches across the globe in the near future.”

The Vodafone global network strength and RCS expertise combined with the cloud platform applications have proven to be a successful combination. The GSMA forecasts for mid-2020 are already close to 500 million monthly active RCS users. According to Mobilesquared, a market intelligence agency for business messaging, RCS will officially become the world’s biggest business messaging platform, with more than 2 billion users, accounting for 50% of total smartphone users.

Michael Reinartz, Director Innovation & Consumer Services Vodafone Germany: “We are excited to bring RCS business messaging to business customers in Germany for the first time. A powerful new way for organisations to engage with their customers wherever they are. Using our platform, they can share rich media advertising campaigns, offer digital customer support or sales directly within the native messaging app. Bringing together the advantages of SMS and contemporary messaging applications, Business Chat is our messaging hub of the future.”

Lieferando: Increasing Trustworthiness and Conversion Through RCS

Lieferando, a subsidiary of, uses RCS to offer a lower threshold for their customers to install their app. The capability to offer an app install button in an RCS message provides an improved customer experience, and ultimately a higher conversion, as customers are increasingly placing greater trust in verified senders.

Brennan Heart: Fan Engagement Through RCS

The Artist, Music producer and DJ Brennan Heart leveraged RCS to increase his fan engagement. He offered his fans in Germany the unique opportunity to buy tickets, listen to his latest track and watch the after movie of his show via RCS. By utilising RCS technology, his fan engagement was three times higher than through traditional Mail or SMS. In addition to purchasing tickets, his fans could also easily click on Quick reply buttons to access other offerings. Tom van den Tillaer, Management Brennan Heart: “We are excited about the potential of RCS and the innovative Rich features.”   

Businesses that use can sign up to try Rich Communication Services (RCS) through: 

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