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Apple Pay - Online Payment Method for iOS Devices

Let your customers pay quickly and seamlessly with their Apple devices.

Apple Pay online payments

Apple Pay for Online Payments

Online payments in webshops, in-app and other online platforms are made easy with Apple Pay. This online payment method enables consumers using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to make online purchases.

Shipping and billing info are already known at Apple Pay and don't need to be filled out during the checkout process. This way consumers only have to review the payment and complete their purchase. An Apple Pay payment is quickly and securely verified using Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple Pay is a highly secure and private payment method. The actual card and payment details are not stored on the device nor on the Apple server.

Apple Pay payments

Advantages of Apple Pay

  1. High conversion rates and high value purchases by iPhone users

  2. Available for all Apple users in 50+ countries

  3. No additional costs (credit card costs only)

  4. Quick and secure authorization, compliant with SCA by PSD2

Apple Pay activate

Start Accepting Apple Pay via

Offer your customers a secure and user-friendly way to pay online with Apple Pay.

Connect to, official payment service provider of Apple Pay, and start accepting Apple Pay payments online. Request Apple Pay and will connect your webshop or online platform and provide you with the required documentation and certifications.

Apple Pay payments require no additional costs. We charge our standard processing and payment method costs. Depending on the payment method, different commissions apply. You only pay for successful transactions.

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Apple Messages for Business Apple Pay

Apple Messages for Business: From Conversation to Conversion

Start the conversation with your customers through Apple Messages for Business and create the ultimate customer experience.

Offer Apple Pay for easy and secure payments for your products and services, without leaving the conversation. A payment request looks like a normal chat bubble, but displays the familiar Apple Pay payment sheet.

  1. In-channel purchases

  2. Conversational commerce

  3. Ultimate customer experience

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As collecting payment service provider based in the Netherlands, complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.

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Receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience. We enable you to receive payments in more than 60 different currencies.

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