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eSoft strives to offer affordable and innovative solutions to incorporate reliable digital technologies.

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Driven by solutionist thinking

eSoft is a South African based software development house founded in 2008 with a primary focus on Custom Application Development. eSoft has built a framework that allows customer legacy systems as well as various worldwide applications to integrate seamlessly with WhatsApp.

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Building the bridge

Information at your fingertips

Dashboards built to get reporting figures through WhatsApp, log incidents with help desks, apply for leave, general FAQ functionality, banking services and more.

Excellent customers service

Customers have instant and 24/7 access to core customer services solutions which will enhance customer experience.

Marketing campaigns

Customers have access to the most convenient customer journey for redeeming rewards.

Manali Sheth, Managing Director - eSoft

"eSoft offers innovative digital solutions in the African market. Successful Chatbots is our strong belief in Chatbots Practice".

eMs - eSoft Messaging Service with

eSoft's passion for artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots led to the development of hybrid and chatbot workflows integrated with the world's top AI platforms like Watson, Lex, Dialog Flow, RASA, and more.

With eMs, chatbots are enabled via multi-channel platforms such as web bots, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Alexa, Google Home, and IVR for fast, efficient, and convenient communication with customers.

Existing eSoft customers as well as new prospects can leverage's varied messaging services like WhatsApp, SMS, and RCS - a one-stop-shop solution for all your messaging needs.

eSoft has always been at the forefront of customer service and satisfaction. With the integration of AI and chatbots into our existing workflow, we can provide an even higher level of service that is both efficient and convenient for our customers.

esoft customer story

Talkklite - Be available, anytime, anywhere

TalkkLite, is an omnichannel AI-enabled chatbot platform that facilitates digital interaction between people and AI-controlled Knowledge Base. 

Using this platform, businesses will be able to design, develop and deploy their chatbots within 30 minutes, giving them a powerful digital, automated and real-time link between the business and their customers.

  1. Conversational AI

  2. Omnichannel Chatbots

  3. Omnichannel Broadcast Engine

  4. No Code to Low and Custom Code, create bot in

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