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The secret to success

At, we believe one of the secrets to success is maintaining strong relationships whilst finding the perfect combination of work and play.

The Golf Day, hosted at Randpark Ridge Golf Club and Spa in Johannesburg, consisted of a round of 18 holes, with a 4 ball alliance. After golf, players were invited to a three course prize giving dinner.

Explore how we used one platform to cover every step of the event planning lifecycle from marketing communication and registration to ticket scanning and reporting whilst offering a personalised and seamless experience.

Seamless communication and registration

Our email campaigns tool is an easy way to create, send and schedule campaigns using drag and drop logic or html.

Through a personalised email and URL, invitees could register for the golf event via a ticketing landing page. The pre-populating fields feature meant autofilling some fields which made it easier for invitees to complete the form. This included, for example, name and e-mail address, company name and number of tickets. After registration, a triggered confirmation email is sent where attendees can download their tickets.

Our platform has enabled us to organise ticket sales in such a way that creates convenience and ease for event invitees.

Through detailed analytics, we can monitor exactly who has opened, clicked and registered, which further allows us to trigger reminder emails a few days later to those who hadn't yet RSVP'd.

email campaigns flow for golf day

Event registration flow

With features such as personalised tickets, order invoicing and custom input fields, Ticketing offers the flexibility needed to choose the fields suitable for any event.

Moreover, the convenience that mobile brings, offers even more ways in which event organisers can reach their target audience through for example SMS, mobile landing pages and WhatsApp Business.

A mobile responsive event page

After mobile numbers were captured during registration, we combined SMS's 98% open rate using our SMS Campaigns tool with an interactive event mobile landing page. This way we could share rich content that kept attendees informed and engaged about event details leading up to the day. Using drag and drop logic, we could quickly add text, prizes, additional form fields, location map and a call to action (CTA) to contact us via SMS, email or WhatsApp Business.

A reminder ticket download link was included for those who hadn't yet downloaded, if the ticket was received via SMS, attendees could immediately add to their mobile wallet. If the ticket was received via email, and opened on desktop, it could still be shown, but as a printable PDF instead.

Deliver and measure success for every step of event planning

Our platform offers the ability to cover every step of the event lifecycle from event marketing to registration and reporting. Promote and manage event ticketing and registrations from within one platform.

We've ensured that you can continue the conversation through multiple channels while seamlessly switching between them.

  1. Personalised event registration pages with pre-populated info.

  2. Promote events, boost attendance via SMS, Email and more.

  3. Create branded mobile landing pages using drag and drop logic.

  4. Offer convenient support via your WhatsApp Business account.

Ticket scanning on the day

There was no need to rent expensive ticket scan hardware. Our ticket scan app allows staff to validate tickets using their own smartphones during the event. A secure app that is super easy to use.

Whether one or more employees are scanning, the app updates RSVP's immediately, thereby always offering a real time view.

Moreover, since attendee contact details are included within the app, captured from the event ticketing page, it's much easier to contact attendees should you need to do so.

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