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Sign has streamlined and simplified the document flow between LIFT software and its clients (including JE Consultancy).

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Lift’s Goal: Taking Businesses to the Next Level.

LIFT Software has been providing software for over 20 years and has helped companies to professionalise. At its core, LIFT is a project management system containing for instance time registration and invoicing software. 

“LIFT is focused on businesses that work on a project basis like secondment agencies, consultancies, engineers and ICT service providers. In this industry, every project is unique and is often implemented by a multidisciplinary team. Our software can contribute to keeping your administration and documentation in order.” says Maarten van Bemmel, Head of account management at LIFT Software.

Lots of Documents Can Be Time Consuming

"As a software supplier we partner with other software tool suppliers and we provide integrations to increase our range for our customers. For that reason, we choose Sign to collaborate with. We have integrated the Sign solution of CM.com and we are definitely seeing the added value of digital signing.” 

As of September 2019, CM.com and LIFT collaborated. LIFT integrated the digital signing solution Sign in their SaaS package for its customers. Maarten is happy with the way it works out. “A digitally sent quotation can be returned quickly. It’s just a lot easier to sign a document digitally. It takes away the obstacles to sign contracts and that positively impacts sales. And don’t forget the effect it has on the recruitment process. Especially in the technical industry – in which it’s quite hard to find the right candidate – the paperwork mustn’t take up too much time and effort. If a candidate has to print, sign, scan and return many documents, there is a good chance that he will leave it at that. Digital signing makes a world of difference in that situation as well. Our customers don’t have to log in to Sign separately. It is fully integrated into LIFT’s own software. That’s why people often don’t even realise that it is a separate system.” explains Maarten.


Sign: Almost Impossible Not to Understand

The integration of Sign into LIFT’s software went smoothly. “The system is very straightforward; our developer didn’t run into any difficulties. That is the case for our end users too: they find Sign great, very easy and intuitive to use. It’s actually almost impossible not to understand Sign. The lines of communication are kept short and are efficient. So far it all works out very well. I haven’t come across someone who isn’t happy with our collaboration. People are enthusiastic.” says Maarten.

Meeting Sustainability Criteria

One of LIFT’s customers using Sign is JE Consultancy. This financial consultancy is employing 25 consultants and, in addition, they work with self-employed individuals. The expert in public controlling and public finance chose to start using Sign in June 2020. 

“An important reason to choose Sign was to meet the sustainability criteria. We are using Sign to send quotations to customers, but also to send contracts of employment and self-employment contracts. By signing digitally, we are saving a lot of paper, printing costs and time. It’s an extremely easy and user-friendly system. All you need to do is fill in the email address and the signer will subsequently receive an email. With some easy-to-follow steps on both sides, the document will be signed in no time.” explains Pim Standaert, Account Manager at JE Consultancy.

An additional advantage for JE Consultancy is the audit report that Sign automatically sends when documents have been signed. An audit report is an evidence to demonstrate that the signature is legally valid. Such an audit report is required in government projects.

Pim Standaert

An Audit Report Always Included

When a document has been signed via Sign, the person who submitted it in the first place will receive the signed document as well as an audit report.

Pim: “Traditionally – print a document and sign it digitally via Adobe Sign – municipalities often used to return the printed document with a ‘wet’ signature. We weren’t able to see who signed the document and at what time the signing took place: two things that can guaranty the legal validity of the document. The fact that the audit report is always included with Sign, is saving us a lot of time and energy.”

Interesting for smal(ler) parties too

JE Consultancy’s positive response is not an isolated one. Maarten is convinced that many companies could benefit from Sign. 

“It doesn’t depend on the size or revenue of a company but mainly on the internal processes and the number of projects per year. We recommend Sign especially to companies that work a lot with temporary employment contracts and self-employed professionals. In fact, any company with a substantial document flow could benefit greatly from Sign,” says Pim.

Discover the Capacity of Sign

Would you like to know how to use Sign successfully for your company? Feel free to reach out to us for a quick demo relevant to your business.

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