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How Mobitainment and strive to transform customer service with WhatsApp Business Solutions.

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From mobile first to mobile forced

Mobitainment is one of the founding, most awarded, independent, leading experts of mobile marketing in South Africa. Mobitainment is a technology enabler, translating technology into business solutions and marketing results.

Virtual assistants: Improving mobile marketing

In today's mobile-first world, it's no surprise we are constantly on our phones and especially like engaging via text messaging. That is why many companies choose text-based USSD to facilitate mechanics for competition entries and performing surveys. Read more on the Mobitainment and CM partnership striving to improve WhatsApp Business Solutions here

Although valuable and affordable text-based USSD comes with a few glaring technical limitations like a short character length and frustrating timeouts.

A solution to these restrictions is readily available, virtual assistants.

With the benefit of engagement through images, video, voice notes, and pin location, virtual assistants can genuinely enhance the customer experience.

Virtual assistants are designed for:

  • Instant user engagement
  • Guiding the conversation to get questions answered, drive sales and collect data
"It is therefore evident that the natural next step for better mobile marketing should include virtual assistants. We have chosen to partner with as a WhatsApp Business solution provider that offers amazing service and pricing packages. We have found the platform to be reliable with a fast response and performance – nearing the response times of USSD but without the timeouts and character limitations," says Candice, Managing Director at Mobitainment.

Mobitainment's USSD and WhatsApp marketing solutions

Mobitainment is a leading expert in mobile marketing in South Africa. Amongst its achievements, Mobitainment was ranked the number 1 Technology Provider in Africa in the MMA Smarties Business Impact Index in 2018.

"Mobitainment's solutions combine both the old and new to cover as large of a market as possible. With the increase in smartphone usage in South Africa, we recommend providing a choice of the best of both USSD and WhatsApp entry mechanics for competitions, especially competitions aimed at the mass market," says Candice.

Their recent award-winning campaign for Royco used WhatsApp to capture till slips that could be read automatically to detect whether loyalty programme members had purchased Royco products and then be rewarded with airtime in their always-on wallet.

For its future WhatsApp needs, Mobitainment has partnered with as their WhatsApp Business solution provider.

" allows us to offer our clients a multi-functional exchange of content for sending and receiving images, voice notes, video, documents and pin locations – allowing us to fulfil a wide variety of use cases for WhatsApp," says Candice.

Sr. Business Development Manager at Stewart Mackay says, "We partnered with Mobitainment due to their strong knowledge, experience and history of creative and award-winning applications in the mobile marketing space in SA and across the continent. We knew that if Mobitainment can add the WhatsApp Business API to their existing toolset via our Business Messaging API, the channel's creative uses would result. Candice and her team know what they're doing. It's great to have them on board".

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