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The partnership that gave rise to a ground-breaking WhatsApp chat ordering solution.


Yonder Media

Established in 2002 as a mobile media and technology agency, YONDER adapted to an ever-evolving digital industry by expanding its service offering to cover the entire digital marketing value chain.

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About Yonder Media

The YONDER-developed YOMO platform underpins every technology solution they’ve developed and powers some of Africa’s most prominent digital engagement assets for local and multi-national brands. YOMO facilitates rapid multi-channel deployment of services, including web, WhatsApp, Messenger, USSD, SMS, etc. It serves as an API aggregator with dozens of critical integrations available off the shelf, including several integrations to the assets in the Meta eco-system (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger).

About Yonder Media

Stuart Steedman, Chief Technology Officer

“By collaborating with on KFC’s chat ordering system, we managed to bring Meta interfaces to WhatsApp, resulting in a highly personalised, app-like experience for KFC’s customers. Thanks to open and direct communication with the team, we created award-winning tech."

A tech partnership that drives real innovation

YONDER has been involved in multi-channel deployment for several years. Early on, the team realised that WhatsApp ─ a freeware, cross-platform, centralised instant messaging (IM), and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service ─ could potentially transform the world of e-commerce. But they had to wait for WhatsApp’s Business API to be launched. Their challenge was finding the right technology partner to leverage the power of this communication platform in a business context.

The shift from a communication platform to a channel that could be applied in e-commerce was particularly relevant to KFC YONDER’s long-standing client of eight years. The global quick-serving restaurant (QSR) was planning to expand digitally by developing a game-changing chat-commerce channel that would allow KFC fans to place their order via a channel that’s affordable, easy to use, fast, and reliable. As soon as WhatsApp launched its business API, was approached. They are soon YONDER’s preferred business service provider.

For KFC’s first-to-market WhatsApp chat ordering channel, the team at YONDER built and refined KFC’s eCommerce system functionalities and adopted Meta’s UI elements, resulting in a robust, app-like capability. provisioned access to the WhatsApp Business API, only available to a suite of 65 business solution partners worldwide. These two tech partners ensured that the ordering platform was 100% automated and leveraged natural language processing in communication with KFC’s customers.

WhatsApp – A game changer for eCommerce

For the YONDER team, it’s imperative to make technology-based solutions available to everyone. Despite limitations in its technology and hardware, WhatsApp stepped up, offering impressive benefits that could be used in the service of customers in most industries. As a personal communication tool, it’s ubiquitous: South African users already have the app, it’s user-friendly and popular across all age groups and demographics, it doesn’t require updating, it’s light on data, and it’s in constant use. It’s also fast, functional, and relevant.

Thanks to their partnership, and YONDER have been able to transform customer experience journeys. By making the most of the world’s most popular messaging app and deploying chatbot technology, and YONDER have empowered clients such as KFC to fully automate conversations at every stage of the brand’s funnel.

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