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1.5 billion people

More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp each day and over 1.5 billion people use it each month.

Global usage

WhatsApp is being used in over 180 countries. Reach your audience where they are.

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60 languages

WhatsApp is available in 60 languages, allowing users globally to have a seamless customer experience.

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Use cases

Send alerts, notifications, and customer support queries via the channel your customers use daily.

Is your mobile messaging strategy ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and consumers are looking for the best deals around. But with massive competition between stores, Black Friday offers won't be enough - being more personal and offering on-demand support via the most convenient channels will be.

Attract your customers from where they are already spending most of their time - their favourite messaging channels like WhatsApp Business.

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Use cases of WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business solution ensures a presence among your customers. Share rich content like pictures, videos and locations. Respond instantly with automated messages or use quick replies to reuse messages.

Connect to our WhatsApp Business API and receive your incoming messages via a customer support software you already use or our Customer Contact Web App.

  1. Share updates, changes or reminders - alert when it matters

  2. Offer support during each step in the customer journey

  3. Share reminder notifications about deliveries and appointments

  4. Ensure messages deliver during limited network with SMS fall-back

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Why CM.com as your WhatsApp Business solution provider?

We can help you set up and manage a complete, multi-channel platform to support your customers.

We ensure you can have secure conversations and analyse the data you need to improve your own services. Our prices include set-up, on-boarding, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support. Visit our WhatsApp Business help centre for everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business for companies.

Whatsapp with CM.com

Business and Customer initiated message types

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Customer Care Window

A 24-hour time frame that starts the moment your customer starts a conversation. Your company can send both Session Messages and Message Templates - no WhatsApp fee applies here.

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Message Templates

Pre-approved messages that can be sent both in and outside the 24 hour window. Can be used to send notifications to customers with active opt-in if company initiated - WhatsApp fee applies.


Per month
  • First business profile = free
  • Extra business profile = NA
  • 10 Templates
  • 5000 messages included P/M
  • Above 5k messages: R0,31 CM fee applies
  • Message Templates = See WhatsApp rates
  • Volume discounts not available
  • Prices excl 15% VAT


Per month
  • First business profile = free
  • Extra business profile = R1,534 P/M
  • 100 Templates
  • 50,000 messages included P/M
  • Above 50k messages: R0,19 CM fee applies
  • Message Templates = See WhatsApp rates
  • Volume discounts not available
  • Prices excl 15% VAT


Per month
  • First business profile = free
  • Extra business profile = R1,534 P/M
  • Unlimited Templates
  • 50,000 messages included P/M
  • Above 50k messages: R0,13 CM fee applies
  • Message Templates = See WhatsApp rates
  • Volume discounts available
  • Prices excl 15% VAT

How to get started?

Before being able to send WhatsApp messages, you need to on-board your business (follow the on-board for WhatsApp Business steps below). We'll send your business to be verified by WhatsApp. The verification of your business details can take up to 2 weeks and should be taken well in advance of starting your implementation.

Once your details are verified by WhatsApp, we can start the implementation process.

How to on-board for WhatsApp Business

Register on our platform (for existing customers, simply log in). Once logged in, you will find "Channels" on your dashboard - request access via the WhatsApp icon.

We'll keep you informed throughout the on-boarding process.

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WhatsApp Business customer and partner reviews

"CM.com’s user friendly interface, good references, 24/7 support and quick onboarding, made it a no brainer to partner with them."

Mehmet Uluceviz, Head of Operations, Travelstart MENA

"CM.com allows us to offer our clients a multi-functional exchange of content for sending and receiving images, voice notes, video, documents and pin locations – allowing us to fulfil a wide variety of use cases for WhatsApp."

Candice Goodman, Managing director, Mobitainment

"We decided to partner with CM.com as a result of their customer-centric approach and competitive pricing relating to WhatsApp Business."

Nick Argyros, CEO, GotBot

More than WhatsApp Business

Customers want to communicate where, when and how they want via the channel they prefer!

Connect with our platform to discover it all. Jump on the opportunity to connect with all messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Viber, SMS, Twitter, RCS, Telegram, WeChat, and more.

Our platform is scalable, which means that you can scale your communication up or down at anytime.

Our Business Messaging API is a powerful omni-channel messaging solution that enables you to unify the world’s most popular communication channels into a single API, WhatsApp Business included. Learn more about our multi-channel messaging solution.

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