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Address Book

Address Book is a SMS and Email database management tool which enables you to import up to 1,000 000 contacts as well as manage your opt-outs. Choose to use Address Book via our Web App or API.

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Easily Manage Contacts From One Central Platform

  1. Simple & Intuitive available via Web App or API

  2. Import & Export via Excel or CSV

  3. Send & Review within 5 minutes

  4. Use Custom Fields to Add Dynamic Content

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Key Features Of The Address Book

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Segmented Groups

Create customer segments based on your campaign results - generate sub-groups for customers who clicked and those who didn't.

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Database Management

Conveniently and easily manage multiple SMS and email customer databases from one central Address Book.

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Personalised Dynamic Fields

Think beyond first and last name, include last item purchased, birthday information and so much more.

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Opt-Out Management

Remain compliant with regulations and give your customers the ability to seamlessly opt-out of promotional SMS or Email.

Safeguard your companies integrity with Opt-Out Management

While mobile communication has already worked its way towards the core of digital marketing, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Effectively managing SMS marketing campaigns with its many (country-specific) regulations is a good starting point - an opportunity for true customer centricity.

Our Opt-Out Management solution is a fully automated suppression list management tool which gives end-users the ability to unsubscribe from unwanted promotional SMS and Email lists. Opt-Out won't impact your transactional based messages since these carry need-to-know information like a OTPs.

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The Benefits Of Opt-Out Management

  1. Compliance with the South-African WASPA code of conduct.

  2. Seamless and automated management of unsubscribes.

  3. Available in any country via a short code or no-sms URL.

  4. Gain valuable insights regarding why a customer has opted out.


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