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Identify your customers with ID Scan

Easily scan documents to quickly onboard customers in a few steps. Scan & verify ID documents fast and accurately.

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Customer Identity Verification

Use ID Scan to verify your customer's identity. The document verification helps protect you and your customers against fraud losses by letting them scan their ID. Our advanced tech uses the device's camera to build trust & confidence in a more secure & convenient user experience

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ID Scan Steps

Automatically extracts data from an ID document and returns it via the API.

Checks the authenticity of the document automatically.

Recognizes if a person is alive or imitated.

Face-matching technology compares the selfie with the ID document portrait.

Improved customer experience due to your user-friendly onboarding process.

A Reliable Identification Solution for Every Application

Customer Onboarding

Mitigate risks and prevent illegal activities of users seeking to exploit security weaknesses while protecting your customers' data with built-in safety measures.

Data Entry Automation

Create a user-friendly workflow for better and more efficient service. Extract data from identity documents and fill online forms automatically and effortlessly (without customer effort).


Guarantee the identity of a Signee with a high level of confidence by using ID Scan in combination with Sign. Save the redacted copy of the ID in the Sign process.

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Optional: Complete Identification: iDIN and ID scan

It can be useful to let your customers identify themselves by offering iDIN and ID Scan in one flow, and let us take care of the entire online identification process. This combination is rock solid.

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One Time Password

Integrate our Two-Factor Authentication API to safeguard your data, accounts, and users transactions.

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IBAN Verification

Check the identity of your customer with IBAN verification and ensure that the account number is registered by the user.

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Create the perfect customer experience without proof of identity and let customers log in directly with iDIN

Getting Started with ID Scan

Get started soon with our API and easily integrate ID Scan into your own online environment.

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