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What is a document / dossier (Sign)?




Within Sign a difference exists between the terms dossier and document. In short, a document is file (.PDF / .DOC(X) / .RTF) you would like to be signed. The document is stored in a dossier together with other relevant information. A dossier can have more than one documents which needs to be signed separately (however, shown in one single overview for the recipients to have a better and more efficient signing experience).

A dossier contains the following elements:




The .PDF / .DOC(X) / .RTF file to be signed


Location of the paragraph, signature, date etc.


Person who need to sign the document


Whether the document has been signed, is pending or declined

Audit report

Shows all steps taken, by whom, when and where to identify the invitee and make it legally binding.

Dossier owner

The user in your organization who receives updates regarding the dossier


Attachments are a special type of documents. These can be added to the dossier but these will not be signed (and therefore will also not be invoiced).

The dossier contains anything you need to have the best and most complete signing experience.

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