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How long will my documents be visible in the Sign application?


I want to know how long documents are stored in Sign.




First there is a difference between dossiers sent via the Dashboard and the API. Dossiers sent via the dashboard are standard valid for 90 days. So, 90 days after the Sign request has been sent the dossier expires and cannot be signed anymore. However, before a dossier expires it can be extended (dossier owner receives a message). If it is extended, it will be extended with 30 days. After 30 days (if not extended again), the dossier is kept for another 45 days in our system. After that the dossier is completely deleted from our systems.

Dossiers sent via the API are standard valid for 30 days. However, it is up to the Customer to decide on the validity of the dossier, as long as this is set between 1 - 90 days. Also here 45 days after a dossier has expired it is deleted from our systems.

If the Archive is activated on an account (possible for as well Dashboard as API Customers), with each Sign request it needs to be indicated that the dossier needs to be archived. In the Archive only completed documents are stored. Documents with other statuses:

  • Pending: document needs to be signed within the days set (standard 90 days), after this period it will expire, and after 45 days it is also deleted from expired
  • Completed: once the document "expires" it is moved to the archive directly, so not added to expired first
  • Declined: once the document "expires" it keeps this state for 45 days and after that it is removed (so NOT archived)

Note: All documents are sent to you via email when all parties have signed the document, so you will have a copy in your mailbox. It is also possible to save documents in the Sign archive.

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