What is Sign?


General introduction to Sign by CM.com as an e-sign solution for your documents, contracts etc.




With Sign you can complete contracts, agreements and documents fast and secure, without unnecessary printing and scanning. You can rest assured that your electronic signature processes are 100% secure as well as legally binding. And it will reduce your negative environmental footprint. More information about Sign can be found here.

Within the Sign environment you will find different elements.


  • All: On this page you can find all dossiers created by this user.
  • Completed: On this page you can find all completed dossiers.
  • Pending: This page contains all dossiers that have been sent and are pending the signing process.
  • Declined: If a recipient disagrees with the content of the agreement they can decline it. In this menu you will see the declined dossiers.
  • Expired: All pending dossiers where the deadline has been expired.
  • Bulk): This feature offers the possibility to send multiple dossiers at once. The feature is limited to sending a single document to one recipient per document.
  • Archive: If the archive is active and it has been activated while creating the dossier the dossier will be added to the archive. All documents from the dossier will be saved and hosted in the CM.com data center.

Tasks (Assigned to me)

On this page you, as a signatory of a company (for example a director or owner), receive a notification as soon as you have to sign a file. For example, this can already be signed by the counterparty and only has to be signed by the own organization.

Library (templates)

Templates are a handy tool when you repeatedly need to send the same document. A template has predefined settings and signing fields lowering the amount of work required to prepare a new dossier.


From the moment you have sent a document for signing, you can use the dashboard to view the status of a document. In addition, as a document owner (the person who created the file) you also receive notifications by e-mail when one or all of the signatories have signed.

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