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Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday break records with ticket sales: the 5 learnings

Summer is coming which means the festival season of 2019 has started. The first festivals of this year, with as ticket service provider, have already taken place. What can we learn from events like 7th Sunday and Harmony of Hardcore?

Whereas Harmony of Hardcore with its dark colours attracts real hardcore fans from all over Europe, 7th Sunday exudes mainly cheerfulness with sponsored stages and Top 40 music. Even though the festivals are different, they take place with a few hours in between, at the same location. Yet there is an important agreement. A record in ticket sales!

Both festivals were sold out prematurely, with a record number of tickets sold. This year, the festivals were visited by no less than 75,000 people. It takes innovative insights and a good dose of experience to get the ticket sales of such events on the right track. We spoke to Nadine van Leersum, Account Manager at

Recently, 7th Sunday and Harmony of Hardcore took place. What can you tell us about the preparations for these events? 

"Ticket sales for 7th Sunday and Harmony of Hardcore started as early as January. So it was important that all preparations were made in the weeks before. The launch of the ticket sales attracts thousands of people. One of the important aspects is to immediately give the customer the best possible experience. Before and also during the event. For that, we work closely together with organiser Par-T to ensure that the theme of the event recurs in every contact moment. This applies to the ticket shop, the confirmation mails, the tickets and the online queue. Every colour and image must be right. From start to finish, it must be in the corporate identity of the event. This is part of a streamlined communication and service."

How does a ticket sale work out best?

"The ticket sale is divided in several stages. For example, as a loyal fan it’s possible to pre-register. As a reward for your registration, you will get earlier access to the ticket shop, and you can buy your ticket at a discounted price before the regular ticket sale starts. In addition to the regular sale, there is also a last-minute sale in the last 2 weeks before the event.

“This year there were also parking tickets and coins sold online. The festival visitor does not have to stand in line to buy it on site. Besides that, during a pre-sale the purchase moment is pushed forward which is financially interesting for the organiser of the festival.”

How were the tickets scanned during the events?

"During the events,'s scanning software was used. We delivered the scanners and gave instructions to the staff on how to use the scanners. There were 45 gates in total. The gates were categorised in three types of entrances. Entrances for combi-tickets, regular tickets and VIP tickets and each entrance had its own scanner and a different experience. For example, someone with a combi-ticket gets an entrance bracelet for 2 days, and someone with a VIP ticket gets a real VIP experience with separate access to the festival grounds. With these different types of entrances, the staff can focus on the handling of one specific group which reduces the waiting time to a minimum.

On behalf of, we are present at these events to support the scanning staff. For example, if someone doesn’t have a valid ticket, or has questions about tickets."

7th sunday festival

What do we learn from events like Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday?

- A magnificent experience for the festival visitor is key, and this starts from the first moment of contact.

- Every contact moment must be in line with the look and feel of the festival. From the online queue for ticket sales to the scanning of the tickets at the entrance. The ticket shop offers all the possibilities so this up in detail.

- A pre-sale for the devoted fans provides customer loyalty. They are the first that are able to buy a ticket at a discount and will feel appreciated. This increases the chance that they will buy a ticket again next year.

- Selling parking tickets and coins online in advance saves long queues on the site itself. In addition, this is financially advantageous for a festival organizer.

- With's simple scanning software, which can be downloaded on any mobile phone, tickets can be scanned easily and quickly.

After a successful weekend Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday 2019, ticket sales for 2020 have already started with the first batch already sold out. Some of the upcoming festivals that is preparing for are Mandala, WiSH Outdoor, Daydream Festival and Solar Weekend.

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