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Scripted Chatbot

Create and launch your chatbot on any channel with Scripted Chatbot.

Mobile Service Cloud Scripted Chatbot

Build Your Own No Code Chatbot

With the chatbot builder in Mobile Service Cloud you can easily create your own bots. Without a single line of code.

A scripted chatbot is a basic, rule-based bot. It follows pre-set rules to answer questions. You can use it for FAQs, customer service purposes, marketing, or entertainment. The benefit? 24/7 availability on any channel!

Watch the video to get a first impression of the Scripted Chatbot.

Everything You Need in a Scripted Chatbot

A Chatbot On Every Channel

Website Bot

A chatbot on your website can help users directly on the page. A quick and easy way to ask something.

WhatsApp Bot

Make sure you are available via WhatsApp for your customers. With a WhatsApp Chatbot, you guarantee swift responses.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Answer all messages on Facebook instantly. A Chatbot on Facebook Messenger helps you to improve the contact.

Drag-and-drop CMS

Code Free Chatbot Builder

Easily build scripted conversations in the drag & drop interface. Use the blocks and drag them into the flow builder. You can add different entry points, input variables and logic to define the conversation.

  1. No development skills needed

  2. Easy-to-use Flow Builder

  3. Drag & drop interface


Enrich Conversations With Media

Use the Channel of your chatbot to the fullest. With the rich features, you can share pictures, movies, sound, or even location. Very useful when you want to guide people to your store or restaurant.

Emoticons can also enhance the experience. Or use a menu to guide users through the flow.

  1. Images & GIFs

  2. Audio & Video

  3. Location

scripted chatbot

Easy Handover To Live Agent

Within Mobile Service Cloud, there are two options: handover or takeover by a live agent. In the Agent Inbox, you can see the entire conversation the customer has with the bot, making it easier to follow up.


When the bot has gathered enough information, it can hand the conversation over to a live agent. Or you can add other triggers: when the bot cannot answer, the customer asks for a human, or the flow has ended.


Within Mobile Service Cloud, you can interrupt or take over the conversation anytime. When you notice a customer is stuck or requires emotional or more complex support, you can help them.

Scripted Chatbot Benefits

24/7 Availability

A chatbot is your colleague that's always at work. Ready to help day & night.

Instant Responses

No need to wait: a bot responds within seconds.

Save Time & Money

Especially for repetitive, easy questions - a bot saves your team a lot of time.

Seamless Handover

Sometimes human contact is necessary. Easily hand or take over the conversation.

Trusted Worldwide

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