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How to improve customer communication with omnichannel conversations

Effective communication fosters trust and builds relationships, playing an essential role in both personal and professional life. By offering helpful feedback and encouraging open-mindedness, effective communication contributes to the success of any business, regardless of sector and size.

With effective customer communication in place, businesses will start to see returning customers, referrals based on word-of-mouth and increased engagement over time. Yet, without the proper tools to provide insight, how are companies to deliver on expectations and offer business communication objectives for the team?

A possible solution:’s Customer Contact platform

Starting with SMS and WhatsApp Business, we first developed Customer Contact as a service that would allow businesses to receive their incoming support messages in one place.

Now, it has transformed into an omnichannel contact centre solution that enables companies to not only receive but also initiate conversations with customers through one universal platform.

The Customer Contact dashboard was built on the premise that when people opt-in for the service, they have a clear line of communication to their favourite brands.

It acts as a helpful tool that supports and scales business teams and improves customer satisfaction by providing efficient and personalised feedback more timeously and consistently.

For example, our recently launched chatbot feature provides a warm, humanised handover. This means that the conversation handled by the bot is visible, almost human in its exchanges, and offers a prompt response in the same channel.

It is easy to pull data from these chatbots and immediately determine whether the feedback has been helpful to the customer or not, giving businesses valuable insights that they can use to make more informed decisions.

Those making use of the Customer Contact platform have seen increased sales and benefitted from streamlined support to resolve customer queries faster.

Pres Les, FastJet and Cash Crusaders all found that managing their support-related queries on WhatsApp Business via Customer Contact has been hugely beneficial to initiate conversations whenever they want.

Planning ahead to amplify customer communication

Another attractive feature of the Customer Contact support software is its omnichannel approach, combining WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Twitter and SMS communications into one dashboard.

Soon, we will be adding email to this inbox, meaning that customers can link their [email protected] addresses to Customer Contact, giving them a centralised platform to manage communications and user rights, gather insights and view consumer history.

Another exciting project in the pipeline is the launch of voice services, whereby we will be able to make and receive phone calls for even greater customer support.

The big question we should be asking ourselves is: How can businesses improve their communications with customers to grow and thrive? It starts with enhancing the experience people have when they reach out to your business. By communicating more effectively with your customers, it will co-create better experiences that leave them more likely to buy from and refer business to you.

At, we help ensure that each customer feels recognised by providing the unique and personalised support they deserve.

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