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Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud for Travel and Hospitality

Customers are always ‘on’ and want to communicate via the channels they prefer. The same can be said for the travel industry. But more than ever, customer experience is key in the travel industry. Travellers spend a lot of time and money on their trip and expect their customer experience to be perfect. As a company operating in the travel industry, how do you offer this customer experience? Is it about having direct bookings or discounts? Or having the best website?

All of these aspects are playing a part in the decision making but regarding customer experience, it is about contextual communication and engagement. Be there where your customers are in every phase of their travel journey. To be present in the travel journey means you have to discover where your customers are and what communications channels they prefer to use.

Customers in the travel industry

In the Passenger IT Trends Survey 2019 of Sita, almost 85% of the respondents state they book their flights via self-service technologies. 72% Would use travel notifications on flight and gate information, send them to their mobile phones if available. SMS remains the preferred communication channel for passengers to receive notifications (39%), ahead of apps (28%) according to IATA’s Passenger Survey Report 2019. 

Messaging apps for communication

Beyond SMS, messaging apps are taking messaging a step further, facilitating the interaction between travel brands and travellers. While penetration for brands’ mobile apps continues to stagnate, the use of chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and others keeps growing, reaching billions of people.

90% of users’ time on mobile is spent on messaging apps; naturally, this channel would add relevance and immediacy to travel engagement. With’s Mobile Marketing Cloud solution, you can offer your customers the experience they demand by interacting with travellers, gathering preferences in this process and shaping services at the same time.

a boarding pass on a mobile phone's Mobile Marketing Cloud's Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) is an omnichannel marketing automation tool focused on mobile. With the MMC, you can connect different sources to our Customer Data Platform to build 360° unified customer profiles and send hyper-personalised marketing campaigns through your customers' preferred channels.

By collecting relevant data you can send the right information in each phase of their customer journey. For example, when they book a flight, ask them how they want to receive their detailed information. Through WhatsApp or Email? With the Mobile Marketing Cloud, you make sure they will be served in the way they want it.

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How Other Businesses in Travel and Hospitality use


SafariNow is the largest hotel booking website in Southern Africa and uses’s services for SMS and Email notifications. SafariNow notifies both customers and sellers of new booking confirmations, incoming quotes, inquiries and cancellations via SMS.’s Platform provides them with a reliable and fast channel for rapid mobile communications.

  • Tuifly

Tuifly informs their crews whether a flight will arrive and leave at the scheduled time. Calling them could disturb them in their rest scheme therefore, they’ve been sending notifications via the SMS platform of and notifying them of any possible schedule changes without interfering.

The Marketing Cloud truly focused on Mobile

Mobile Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud truly focused on Mobile

Mobile Marketing Cloud
connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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