Shopify CM Payments Plug-in

Use the plug-in from to accept online payments in your Shopify store.

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Discover the Benefits of the Shopify CM Payments Plug-in

Shopify is a SaaS solution that allows you to create a cloud version of your webshop within a few simple steps.

Choose as your payment provider so you can count on a reliable partner in online payments. has years of experience in processing millions of transactions a day. 

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    Reliable Payment Provider has been active in the mobile payment industry for many years and is a payment partner for governments and banks.

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    Easy Integration in Shopify

    Install the payment apps in a few clicks. No custom software development required to integrate CM Payments into Shopify.

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    Proven Technology

    When it comes to payments, you prefer to rely on proven technology. The CM Payments plug-ins are already used in hundreds of webshops.


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The CM Payments plug-in for Shopify provides payment processing within your Shopify webshop. Combine ease of use for the consumer and fast payment for you as a merchant.

The plug-in offers the following payment methods at check-out: iDEAL, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact, Belfius.

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We offer a wide range of e-commerce plug-ins to simplify the integration process and enable you to quickly start accepting payments and growing your business.

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