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From a Simple SMS to Interactive Campaigns

Reach your customers with Campaigns. Increase the open rate of your mobile marketing and communicate with your audience.

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Online Business Messaging With Campaigns

Start Sending SMS in Just a Few Clicks

Intuitive Interface

The user-friendly Campaigns app takes you in a couple steps through the process of creating and sending a successful mobile campaign. An easy way to send SMS marketing campaigns online.

Easy-To-Use Visual Editor

Go to your account and set up a campaign in a minute. Select the recipients you want to target, add your message to a new or existing template and send or schedule.

Advanced Features

Create a mobile marketing strategy that stands out. Generate unique links or add mobile landing pages and a touch of fun with emojis and dynamic fields.

Empower Your Messaging Strategy With Mobile Marketing

Campaigns is an intuitive online interface to easily send out SMS campaigns and text messages to your audience. A solution that is dedicated to non tech-savvy users that want to engage with their customers without using an API.

Upload your contacts, create your campaign, schedule or send, and analyse results with messaging analytics in just a few clicks.

  1. Send up to 2.5 million messages in a single campaign

  2. Create templates to re-use the same message easily

  3. Directly calculate the price for your full campaign in the editor

  4. Get advanced statistics on message delivery and open rate

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Add Mobile Landing Pages to Your SMS Campaigns

With Pages, you can go beyond regular SMS by adding a mobile landing page to your campaigns.

Promote new arrivals and back in stock items using images and videos. Create urgency with limited time offers and coupon codes using QR codes. Add form fields and drop downs to collect leads or opt-ins. Share online surveys to gain insights into customer satisfaction using form fields - drag, drop, publish, send, analyse.

More About Pages

Powerful Features for Engaging Messaging Experiences

Schedule campaigns to be sent at a certain date and spread them over time

Shorten URLs to reduce the size of your message and measure conversion metrics

Simply add smileys and emoji's to your message and bring your campaign to live

Automatically remove duplicate phone numbers from your database

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Connect with your audience and go further than just SMS marketing with Mobile Marketing Cloud. Drive more business by combining SMS with Email and more mobile channels.

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SMS Campaigns analytics

Insights That Matter!

  1. Easily gain insight into trends, delivery rates and speed

  2. Detailed delivery and conversion rates

  3. Recipients interaction data

  4. In-depth messaging analysis (via the Analytics app)

multi-channel messaging

Simplified Multi-Channel Messaging

Customers using multiple mobile apps and social networks means more complex communication for companies. How do you reach your customers where they are, via the channels most convenient to them?

With Campaigns you can go beyond SMS and choose between a diversity of channels like WhatsApp, Viber, and RCS Business Messaging. Activate all communication channels you need in your dashboard and unleash the power of multi-channel messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS Marketing

What Is SMS Marketing?

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SMS marketing combines the oldest and simplest channel - SMS - with marketing platforms and software to send timely, personalized, and interactive messages and campaigns at scale while staying compliant with privacy legislation.

Just as a paid campaign shows ads to people searching the web, a YouTube campaign shows ads to people watching videos, and a direct marketing campaign sends letters to individuals, an SMS marketing campaign sends ads by text message to people using mobile phones.

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What Is SMS Opt-In?

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Opt-in for SMS is the process of getting permission from consumers before sending them marketing messages. The GDPR requires that businesses get express written consent before sending telemarketing or SMS marketing messages to consumers.

Express written consent is a written agreement, on paper or electronically, from a consumer that proves they consent to receive SMS from your business. Many companies also use double opt-in, which require consumers to confirm their subscription after signing up.

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What Are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

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SMS marketing offers several benefits for businesses and organizations looking to engage with their audience effectively.
Some key advantages of SMS marketing:

- SMS is universal
- SMS covers the planet
- SMS is customizable
- SMS is instant
- SMS is simple & accessible
- SMS is targeted & impactful
- SMS is ubiquitous
- SMS is easy to implement, manage and track

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What Is the Open Rate of SMS Marketing Messages?

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The greatest open rates are not always reached through the latest in messaging innovations. Despite all technological possibilities, good old SMS remains the channel with the highest open rates. In 2023, SMS boasts a staggering open rate of 98%. For comparison’s sake, email marketing campaigns receive a 20% open rate.

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