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How to Choose the Right SMS Gateway API? Direct Operator Connections

When choosing an SMS Gateway API, direct operator connections are important to consider. For the highest delivery speed and ratio, direct connections to your customers’ operators are crucial.

When sending time-critical messages, for example, One Time Passwords, you should be able to rely on timely and correct delivery. After all, you want to make sure your audience receives your message loud and clear

Direct Operator Connections Worldwide

Our SMS Gateway API has over 60+ direct carrier/operator connections worldwide and is connected to 250 operator networks worldwide. Our direct connections guarantee worldwide delivery within just 10 seconds. This way, allows you to reach people anywhere in the world

Also, has several local offices across the globe. Therefore, we know the local markets, operators and regulations. This further broadens and strengthens our reach. This reach even crosses the Chinese border, as we’ve got our own server setup there. Therefore, all mobile communications to and from anywhere in the world, are delivered perfectly.


Verified Reliable SMS Routes

For the best in message delivery, you need more than direct operator connects. Also, you need thoroughly tested messaging routes. For this, has its very own testing product called Texter. Texter uses the mobile phones of consumers worldwide to test whether a message is received properly. This also means testing whether the used characters are delivered correctly. uses Texter to continuously test all SMS messaging routes. 

Active Support Base 

Moreover, all SMS routes are constantly monitored from our Network Operations Centre. That is actually 24/7/365 live monitoring. Therefore, you can rest assured that your messages are delivered over the most reliable and efficient channel. 

If, however, something still isn’t quite clear, we also offer the possibility to contact our key account management team, online success team or Genius representatives. Knowing our platform and its products inside and out, they can always help you get the most out of mobile. And the possibilities here are countless.

One Platform For All Mobile Solutions

Next to our reliable SMS gateway, our platform holds numerous other solutions to improve your mobile results. Varying from mobile messaging channels and voice to identification and payments: all you have to do is select those products most suitable for your company. Combining them all in one platform, you’ll get the results you’re looking for at minimum cost and maximum ease. And because there are no hidden costs, you’ll pay only for what you send. 

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