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How to Optimize Customer Relations via Instagram's Direct Messages

Building meaningful relationships with customers is something we all wish to do. A good customer relationship will increase brand loyalty and, in the long run, revenue. Instagram is an excellent place to build good customer relations due to its social nature.

Instagram is an image and video-oriented platform where customers browse for new ideas and trends. Brands can showcase their products, services, and corporate personality via images, videos, and comments. Instagram’s Direct Messages allow personal or personalized engagement.

Two out of three people surveyed stated that Instagram enables them to interact with brands on a more meaningful level.

With a younger following, Instagram is great for targeting Millennials and Zoomers. These (younger) generations are known to build communities associated with brands they love- redefining the way brands and customers interact. In fact, 90% of Instagram users follow one or more business accounts, and two out of three people surveyed stated that Instagram enables them to interact with brands on a more meaningful level. A good communication strategy for Instagram Messaging can help build good customer relationships, but where to start? Let us give you some tips!

Allow Engagement via Direct Messages

Ok, first things first - make sure that your customers can reach you via Direct Messages. Add a Send Message button to your profile so customers can start a conversation with you. Also, did you know you can drive conversations directly from stories, posts and shop by adding a Messaging button there too? You can even place an link on your website and/or your e-mails to boost engagement on Instagram Direct.


Drive Conversations with Relevant Ads

Advertisements on Instagram can truly benefit your business. Ads will help you get discovered by people who don’t already follow you and they can inspire people to engage with your brand. With an Instagram business account, you can promote existing stories and/or posts to turn them into an advertisement. Know what audience you wish to reach and tailor your post or story accordingly.

You can choose where you wish to send people that click on your ad. You can redirect them to your Instagram profile or company website, but did you know that you can also send them to Direct Messages? Engage with (new) customers to give them a warm welcome and build a relationship.


Save Time with Quick Replies

Instagram allows the use of quick replies in Direct Messages for business accounts. Create fast, ready-to-send answers for your most frequently asked questions to save time and help your customers as fast as possible.

You could even implement a scripted chatbot to help your customers find their answers. A scripted chatbot, like the name suggests, follows a script. If a human asks a question, the bot follows the script of predefined answers to give the correct answer.

Quick, reliable service equals happy customers. Keep in mind that these quick replies and/or your chatbot should adhere to the tone of voice of your brand. This brings us to the point below.


Watch Your Tone of Voice

In short: Don’t be bland. Don’t just upload product pictures with prices and call it a day. Instagram users are looking for engagement and they want to feel a connection to your brand. Your online personality should speak to them. This includes the way you converse with them over Direct Messages. Make sure that you have a consistent and unique tone of voice for your brand. Use straightforward, simple language and avoid complicated jargon or extreme formalities. You want your audience to feel like they have a bond with your brand, so make sure that your tone of voice conveys that.

Give Private Support

Did a customer reach out to you in the comments on one of your recent posts? Then, depending on the topic, it may be wise to address their request in Direct Messages. This will allow you to communicate on a more personal level and information such as order numbers can be exchanged discreetly. Try to give a direct answer or solution to their issue or request in Direct Messages, instead of sending them to another contact form. This will ensure the best customer support experience.

Organize Your Conversations

An Instagram business account allows you to organize incoming Messages in your Instagram Direct console. Let multiple agents handle the conversations by connecting Instagram Direct Messages to your favorite customer management system via the API. This will allow you to sort your messages and respond to them more efficiently for a better customer experience.


Instagram Messaging by

Instagram Messaging enables you to give a personalized customer experience while building meaningful relationships with your customers. Strengthen the bond with existing customers and connect with new ones by optimizing engagement through ads, and fully exploiting the Instagram Business features for optimal customer service. is one of a few selected API Messaging providers that can help you get access to Instagram Messaging via our Business Messaging API. Interested in integrating Instagram into your communication- or customer service strategies? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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