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Feb 20, 2019 • Customer Experience
The power of combination: PortingXS combines SMS and Voice
How do you ensure a better customer experience with SMS and Voice? When a customer switches from one telecom operator to another, PortingXS facilitates number retention for every type of phone number. We spoke with Tim Leliveld, Area Manager at PortingXS, about their smart application of SMS and Voice for an optimal customer journey.
Jan 22, 2019 • Customer Experience
The 80/20 rule: Who are your loyal customers?
The “80/20 Rule” as it is frequently called today, is an incredible tool for growing your business. If you can figure out which 20% of your time produces 80% of your business’ results, you can spend more time on those activities and less time on others. Likewise, by identifying the characteristics of the top 20% of your customers (who represent 80% of your sales), you can find more customers like them and dramatically grow your sales. However, many companies invest more in attracting new customers than retaining loyal customers. How is it that we no longer spoil loyal customers? Imagine what encouraging loyal customers can mean for your conversion! But how do you find out who your loyal customers are?
Nov 26, 2018 • Customer Experience
How to: Mobile marketing this Christmas - 5 tips
With the days getting shorter and colder, Christmas shopping fun has kicked off. Consumers are seeking out the best gifts at the best price, so competition between retailers in this time of holiday cheers can be fierce. How do you make sure it’s your inventory that ends up underneath the Christmas trees? If you want to reach the consumer before your competitor does, mobile marketing is the way to go.
Nov 06, 2018 • Customer Experience
Stop investing in Apps! Invest in Business Messaging
Business messaging in 2020 will be quite different from what you’re used to. Different, both from a business and a consumer perspective. Questions raised on both ends are “Will you notice?” and “Will it matter?”. In both cases the answer is: “Yes, it will!” And this is how.
Nov 06, 2018 • Customer Experience
The more personalized the better, why you need a Customer Data Platform
From the very beginning of business, marketers have reached out to their community to create demand for their products and services. The larger the group of people you can reach in one placement, the more value you can get from a certain channel. The reach of marketing channels has been expanding over time; starting with newspaper ads and local radio reaching a region to new ad networks such as Facebook and Google reaching half the globe. And not only the reach is expanding, the insights into the audience, as measured in actual data about the individuals, is growing. Using this information, you can create very specific segmentations that will allow marketers to target those profiles that are highly relevant and receptive to your information.
Nov 06, 2018 • Customer Experience
WhatsApp Business? Get in line
WhatsApp has finally opened the doors for business usage. How can I use it to the advantage of my business? What does it take for me to get on board? After reading this article, you will have no further questions and be able to start using WhatsApp Business right away!
Nov 01, 2018 • Customer Experience
Engage and support customers with CM and Zapier
Your time is valuable. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we now have a direct connection with Zapier. Zapier adds powerful automation to over 1,300 web apps. Their tools make it simple for anyone to build code-free workflows that save hours per week. Together, we can streamline processes and simplify your day to day workflows.
Sep 26, 2018 • Customer Experience
The future of retail: AH to go introduces cashless shopping
Albert Heijn launched an innovation in the Academic Medical Centre (Netherlands) in the field of high-speed shopping: Tap to go, with CM.com as partner for payments and identification. We spoke with Jan-Willem Dockheer, managing director of AH to go, about the future of the payment landscape and the innovative Tap to go.
Sep 24, 2018 • Customer Experience
Albert Heijn to go and CM.com: How 10 technologies can change the retail sector
You might have seen the images of Amazon Go, a futuristic grocery store where a vast array or sensors keep tabs on what items shoppers pick up in real-time. As a result, customers are able to buy food & drinks on the go, simply by taking products out of the shelves and leaving the store. No cash register. No employee. No queue. And no debit card. Albert Heijn now introduces high-speed shopping in The Netherlands: Tap to go. Comparable, but possibly more efficient and innovative when it comes to high speed shopping.
Sep 13, 2018 • Customer Experience
A world of possibilities: Add rich content landing pages to your SMS
A world of possibilities: Add rich content landing pages to your SMS. Did you know that in 2017, mobile devices accounted for 50% of web page views worldwide? As such, it’s clear that mobile phones are a prominent part of everyone’s lives. Now, imagine adding a rich mobile landing page as an addition to your campaign, an opportunity to stand out from your competitors and increase your ROI. In addition, you can send these pages to your target group by SMS this will increase conversion because SMS has an open rate of 98%.
Aug 16, 2018 • Customer Experience
WhatsApp Business is now available: start in 3 easy steps
Big news: WhatsApp is available for companies. That means that you can now add WhatsApp Business to your communication channels via our API. But what possibilities does this chat app offer to get in touch with your customers?
May 09, 2018 • Customer Experience
Reduce no-shows easily with SMS appointment reminders
Customers, patients or clients who do not show up for an appointment are a major cost for health care. An unnecessary expense. Send appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and thus save costs. Sending business SMS messages online is now easier than ever, from our intuitive online interface.
Feb 26, 2018 • Customer Experience
CM in 2017: about growth, payments, design, culture and innovation
During the Mobile World Congress, more than 110,000 people will come together in Barcelona. CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) companies such as CM.com will receive extra attention, thanks in part to the development of RCS that CM.com has made a substantial contribution to in partnership with Google.
Jan 31, 2018 • Customer Experience
Online visitor registration for professional events: the main advantages
The festival season will soon begin and thousands consumers are using their mobile phone to search for the events they can’t miss. Consumers want to be able to order, pay and receive their tickets directly via the same route. Online visitor registration with the mobile phone can make life of both visitor and event organiser much easier.
Jan 30, 2018 • Customer Experience
How to: increase SMS conversion with emoji
There are countless ways to write a persuasive (marketing) message in 160 characters. The most challenging part writing with such a limited amount of characters, is conveying the right emotion. Emoji are here to help prevent miscommunication. With our latest update, using emoji is now easier than ever before.

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