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Feb 07, 2019 • RCS
Chat apps: Choosing between channels
There’s a plethora of messaging apps and mobile communication channels available worldwide. Various apps exist, native applications are growing and also standard SMS text messages are still widely in use. In what channel should you invest your resources?
Nov 06, 2018 • RCS
SMS is dead? Guess again!
SMS is something we all know. It has been part of our lives for decades. Therefore, SMS might come across as old, but it has found a renewed purpose. It might potentially change the way we text forever. Let’s see how we get to SMS 2.0.
Mar 26, 2018 • RCS
CM Inspires: Is the future of retail and commerce offline or online?
E-commerce company Alibaba in China is growing a chain of cashless supermarkets called Hema, not to be confused with the Dutch retailer Hema. Customers use their smartphone to pay for products, deliveries are done in under 30 minutes.
Mar 01, 2018 • RCS
Onboarding businesses and operators to roll out RCS Business Messaging
Updating sms messaging with richer content like videos, tickets, and other functionalities through RCS, Rich Communications Services. You'd say every company working with mobile messaging would implement RCS right away. That's however not the case.
Feb 26, 2018 • RCS
CM in 2017: about growth, payments, design, culture and innovation
During the Mobile World Congress, more than 110,000 people will come together in Barcelona. CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) companies such as CM.com will receive extra attention, thanks in part to the development of RCS that CM.com has made a substantial contribution to in partnership with Google.
Feb 22, 2018 • RCS
Showcasing RCS Business Messaging at Mobile World Congress
This year, SMS enters a completely new phase as brands have the ability to roll out Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages to their customers.
Dec 12, 2017 • RCS
2017 in review: innovations and highlights
At the end of the year, we look back on another beautiful year. A year full of great initiatives from our customers who use our products in their own way to reach their customers, involve employees or guarantee involvement, safety and convenience. CM also experienced a number of highlights that we would like to celebrate in this summary.
Dec 06, 2017 • RCS
Mobile trends for 2018: What can we expect?
Where there was some speculation about the end of the smartphone era last year, it is now clear that the importance of the mobile phone will continue to. And because mobile technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, the expectations of mobile users also rise quickly. This is why successful companies embrace the possibilities of mobile and are familiar with the trends for 2018.
Oct 23, 2017 • RCS
RCS is taking over the world of SMS. Or is it?
The next big thing in mobile communications: Google’s RCS promises to upgrade messaging with popular chat features. It is even said that RCS will replace SMS as the new interactive messaging service. But does RCS really mean the end of SMS?
Aug 14, 2017 • RCS
CM joins Google’s Early Access Program for RCS business messaging
CM has joined Google’s Early Access Program for RCS Business Messaging, an initiative which enables businesses to send richer, more useful messages to their customers.

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