Generative AI Chatbot

Reduce the pressure on your service team

Automate fast, accurate and human-like customer service conversations anytime, via any channel.

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Achieve a 95% recognition rate in days

Easily add your own self-service content and enable Generative AI to respond with accurate and empathic answers safely and securelyrapidly increasing the number of answered questions in days not months,

Easily build your own Generative AI Chatbot

  1. Connect your own knowledge sources
  2. Brief GenAI on your tone of voice
  3. Integrate across all channels
  4. Witness GenAI enhance experiences

Offer Support via All Channels

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Generative AI chatbot within conversational ai cloud and how easy it is

Effortless 24/7 availability

Our Generative AI Chatbot is hassle-free to set up—no coding or maintenance required. With this, you can start to support customers across all channels 24/7 in no time. Or smoothly transition to a live agent when a personal touch is needed. Elevate your customer experience effortlessly.

  1. 24/7 customer support on all channels

  2. Seamless handover to agents

  3. Low effort or maintenance

Generative ai engine with chats and customers help

Human-like conversations at scale

Chatbots used to be rigid and mechanical, but Generative AI transformed them. Now, you can engage in human-like conversations in over 100 languages on a large scale. Technology has become more intelligent and empathetic than ever before.

  1. Natural language flows

  2. High contextual awareness

  3. Multi-lingual support

Generative AI engine about data and privacy

Privacy and data security at the forefront

Our Generative AI Chatbot respects your privacy and data security. All information is stored in compliance with European regulations and is kept confidential, ensuring that no personally identifiable information (PII) is included, and your data won't be used for training large language models. Trust our chatbot for meaningful conversations with your customers, without hallucinations, misleading responses and malicious prompts.

  1. Anonymised PII

  2. LLMs hosted in Europe

  3. Prevents hallucinations and prompt injections

Our packages— from startups to enterprises


Easily create a Generative AI Chatbot that generates responses from your own information, across various channels and smoothly transitions to live agents.

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Build Generative AI Chatbots with control and customisation through Multi-Engine NLU, an easy-to-use dialogue builder without the need for coding, and robust analytics.

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Implement Generative AI Chatbots with role-based access, audit logs, revision tracking, and IP whitelisting to ensure top-level security and compliance.

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