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Use Conversational IVR to create your AI voice assistant and shape customer service experiences in a scalable way.

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Give your bot a personality by allowing it to speak

Consumers are used to calling businesses. They just don't want to wait. With the voicebot technology of Conversational AI Cloud you allow your customers to call and get their questions answered even faster.

Transform your call centre with AI and Conversational IVR in an efficient, personal and scalable way. Ensure your customers get the service experience they desire.

What is a Voicebot?

A Voicebot will help

Improve service experience

Make self-service easy. Automation is valued when it's fast and personal; nothing a voicebot cannot offer.

Reduce waiting times

An immediate response, 24/7? Yes! No need to wait. Your AI voice assistant can answer calls without any delay.

Increase productivity

When a Voicebot handles routine inbound calls or does the initial classification, your agents can spend time on valuable tasks.

Conversational AI Cloud

Use industry-leading technology to your advantage

The technology in Conversational AI Cloud is used for many successful self-service applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and knowledge bases. Use this proven solution to automate your contact centre with Conversational IVR.

With our Voice Solutions, you can give your bot a voice. Your voicebot uses the same input as a chatbot. Using one database will enable unified, omnichannel customer journeys. Wherever your customers ask a question, they will receive the same answer.

  1. One CMS for all Conversational AI applications.

  2. Create personal conversations using dialogues and Q&A's.

  3. Built-in SSML editor, incl. speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

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Keep the human touch

A voicebot is a great digital colleague, keeping the customer journey human in a scalable way. Yet, sometimes customers desire or need human contact. No worries, the voicebot can easily re-route calls to a live agent.

Integrate with your customer service software to share all relevant information - making the conversation even smoother.

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Conversational IVR use cases

Outside office hours

Use Conversational IVR to help your customers when they cannot reach live support. Outside office hours, or when your telephone line is overloaded.

First line of defence

A voicebot can be your first line of defense. Inform your customers or answer common questions. When more complex support is needed, the bot seamlessly forwards the call to an agent.


Ask questions required to help a customer, such as name or postal code, before re-routing the call to a live agent. An initial intake can speed up the process for customers and agents.


A transactional voicebot can help your customers perform tasks or implement changes. Change an address, cancel an order or make a payment arrangement.

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Integrate and get more value out of your business.

Integrate with other solutions in your front and backend to create a fully automated customer journey. Get more insights and possibilities to reach even better results.

Keep innovating to make your voicebot more advanced.

  1. Connect with your database, eCommerce platform or other software.

  2. Integrate with or other solutions for Marketing & Service.

  3. Enable transactional conversations with backend integration.

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