Magento iDIN Extension

magento idin

Do you need to verify your customer’s data before they can make a purchase in your Magento shop?

Integrate iDIN: the verification method built and trusted by Dutch Banks. iDIN provides a unified way to login at different websites and web shops, with an authentication method provided by the consumers preferred bank. Install our Magento iDIN extension to easily integrate the iDIN verification method in your Magento platform.

Let customers provide their personal details during the check-out, verified by their bank.

CM is an official Digital Identity Service Provider and certified to assist organisations with the implementation of the iDIN service. Our iDIN Magento Extension allows you to verify the identity of your customer (for example their age) before making any purchase. Installing this extension adds the iDIN verification method in your check-out process. Your customers need to log in and verify their identity using their preferred bank. After the verification is successful, the customer will go to the next step in the check-out process. iDIN also enables you to verify your consumers age for particular products with age limitations.

  1. Identify your customer
    Get your customers name, address and age, all in a few seconds and verified by their bank.
  2. Trusted by consumers
    Millions of customers are already familiar with the safe and trustworthy identification environment similar to iDEAL.
  3. Quick integration in Magento
    No need for custom software development to integrate iDIN in your Magento shop. Install the iDIN extension to add the verification in your check-out process in a few clicks.

More about this solution

What is iDIN?

iDIN enables secure and reliable verification of your customers online.

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Verify the age of your customer

Check and verify the age of your customers in your Magento shop.

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View the source code of the Magento iDIN Plugin on GitHub.

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  1. Verify customers in Magento via iDIN

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