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What is 10DLC?

10DLC is a new texting standard that helps businesses send text messages in a more secure and reliable way.

10DLC stands for a 10-digit long code, which is a type of phone number that businesses can use to send and receive messages to and from their customers.

Unlike short codes and toll-free numbers, you can get started sending messages to end-users in no time.

Benefits of 10DLC

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Stay compliant

Register your business with 10DLC and lower the chance of being marked as spam.

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Cost Effective

10DLC is generally less expensive than other A2P messaging solutions.

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Local Appearance

Receive a phone number to appear local for higher engagement and trust.

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Be able to reach end users in both the US and Canada with the same number.

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Two-Way Messaging

Start having a conversation with your customers with Two-Way Messaging.

Use cases for 10DLC

10DLC can be used to send one-time passwords (OTPs) or verification codes for two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve security and protect customer accounts

Use 10DLC to send appointment reminders to inform customers and decrease no-shows.

To keep customers informed, 10DLC can be used to send important alerts and notifications to customers, such as order confirmations and delivery updates.

Send marketing messages such as special offers, to improve engagement and build brand loyalty.

How to get started

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    Create an account on our platform!

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    Buy a 10DLC phone number

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    Register your brand at

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    Register your 10DLC campaign at

  5. send

    Start sending messages!

10DLC Pricing

Brand Registration Campaign Fee Price per Message
Brand Registration Campaign Fee Price per Message

$4 per registered brand

Varies per campaign

See pricing list United States

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