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Chatbot examples: how chatbots can benefit different industries

Chatbots have transformed both customer service operations and customer service experience. They help to reduce costs while harnessing important data insights. Bots enable businesses to scale and streamline support and boost lead generation. Plus, they help busy brands deliver a personalized service no matter what volume of inquiries they are dealing with. Let’s take a look at some AI chatbot use cases for three business sectors

Brechtje van Houtum
Brechtje van Houtum,
Content Marketer

In this video, Arman shows you three examples of bots in the following industries:

  • Shipping and logistics
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Insurance and financial services

Shipping and logistics chatbot

Delivering swift, accurate customer service is critical to the success of shipping and logistics companies. Customers put much trust in their shipping company and will quickly switch to competitors if they don’t get the high standards of service they expect.  

Conversational chatbots like DHL Parcel Benelux’s Tracy help its B2B and B2C customers resolve various common queries including checking order details, status, and tracking deliveries.  

Importantly, Tracy’s creators designed her to deliver a personalized experience. When customers visit the DHL support page, Tracy requests information about the nature of support required. Using clear, friendly language she gathers more information from the customer to help solve the query. Once the query is resolved Tracy asks for additional information about the delivery and service to gauge customer satisfaction. This gives the brand insights into its performance and ensures customers know they are valued. 

chatbot examples dhl tracy

Leisure and entertainment bot

Creating a great user experience is vital for the leisure and entertainment industry. Every touchpoint matters; from the moment the customer visits the website or clicks on an ad to the survey or aftercare they receive. Delivering personalized, relevant, and welcoming customer service is central to this and that’s where chatbots step in. 

Efteling’s Pennenveer is an excellent example of a chatbot helping a busy brand deliver a consistently high standard of customer service. Pennenveer can answer various questions about the park and the entertainment available. It allows customers to buy tickets and can even encourage the customer to make additional purchases, thereby increasing the customer value for Efteling and making sure the visitor gets the most out of their day at the park. When customers can research and plan their visit in advance, they can get on with the more important business of enjoying themselves once they get there.  

Pennenveer is programmed to respond to specific keywords and prompts, so the customer gets the right information, right away. Pennenveer’s machine learning technology also enables him to anticipate the next step of the customer journey, streamlining and enhancing the user experience. Pennenveer has as much time as the customer needs to continue asking questions and he never loses his patience! He can also present rich media assets, in-app or full-screen, to promote attractions.  

Conversational AI cloud chatbot examples Efteling pennenveer

Insurance and financial services chatbot

Companies in Financial Services need to work hard to build trust and to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Today’s customers expect a seamless, personalized digital service that makes them feel valued and secure. That makes chatbots the right technology to bank on. 

Insurance provider, Florius created the conversational chatbot Robert to help customers make their homes more sustainable. Naturally, every house is different, so Robert has been programmed to provide a personalized service to Florius’ customers. Robert captures a range of data from the user while informing about how the data will be used. Robert works his magic and provides the customer with a personalized plan which Florius can then use to move the lead through the buyer journey.  

Chatbot examples Robert Florius

As you can see there are several valuable uses for conversational AI. If you would like to see more examples, also in other industries, download our paper or contact us today. 

Discover more chatbot use cases in our guide or contact us for more information.

Brechtje van Houtum
Brechtje van Houtum,
Content Marketer
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As a content marketer, Brechtje is responsible for all content about our SaaS products. Loves to be up-to-date about new technologies and believes in 'customer first'.

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