CM takes next step in platform high availability

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High Availability Proxy double redundant servers

When SMS Messaging is a critical part of your business processes it’s important to work together with a partner which ensures high availability. For almost 10 years, provides a double redundant SMS gateway to her high-end customers. From now on this high availability is ready for all our customers.

A double redundant SMS gateway means every hard- and software component is redundant in at least one geographical platform. On top of that, a copy of the platform is available in a second different location. Fully separated from the first one. This setup has been very reliable for those clients who were able to make two connections to the two platforms, while remaining full control of the messages routed to each platform.

Lately we experienced that still a rare incident where multiple hardware components fail at the same moment, can happen. So, we were happy to see that our double setup paid off for those able to connect to the other platform. Now we want all our customers to profit from redundancy and high availability and no need to deal with the complexity of implementing two connections to a double redundant platform.

CM’s High Availability Proxy

Therefore, we have recently launched’s High Availability Proxy. It is a geographical redundant proxy connection between our customers and our double redundant platform. 

With this new technical breakthrough, we make our high availability promise accessible for all our HTTP SMS gateway customers with just one single API connection. When connecting to, we will automatically detect whether the platform is up and running correctly, when it is not we will make the switch to the other platform automatically.

Read more about this new feature in our renewed Help Center. continuously innovates its enterprise ready CPaaS (communication platform as a service) product with expansion into payments and digital identity and offers tailored and transparent pricing and billing.

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