Today takes the next step in platform high availability

Almost ten years ago was the first in the market to provide high-end customers, like banks and governments, a double redundant sms gateway. And it was a huge success, we won almost all deals in those markets in our home markets.

the next step in platform high availability

Technically it means that every hard- and software component was at least redundant in one platform. And on top of that, we made a copy of that platform available on a different location. Fully separated from the first one.

Power supply, power generators, batteries, fiber optics, firewalls, routers, switches, airco’s, racks, servers, cables... Everything redundant and that times two.

This technical design has been very reliable for those clients who were able to make two connections to the two platforms, while remaining full control of what to route through where.

Lately we experienced that when you’re providing SMS services for 20 years and deploy hundreds or thousands of servers, still a rare incident where multiple hardware components fail at the same moment, can happen. So we were happy to see that our double setup paid off for those client group who maintained connection to the other platform. We regret that a smaller group of customers who didn’t have this double connections experienced disturbance of service caused by this rare combination of hardware failures. 

Off course we recognise, that modern CPaaS (communication platform as a service) type of customers nowadays care less about how things work and care more about that it just works.

Modern customers don’t want to deal with the complexity of implementing two connections to a double redundant platform. And they don’t want to except the incidental downtime connected to a 99,8 percent uptime SLA (Service level agreement). They just want it always to run. And they are right.

At we truly embrace this CPaaS way of working and thinking. And therefore I’m proud to announce a new breakthrough in SMS gateway availability and reliability:’s High Availability Proxy.

It is a geo redundant proxy connected between our customers and our double redundant platform.

With this new technical breakthrough we are able to make our high availability promise to banks and governments accessible for all our http SMS gateway customers who just want to make one integration.

Too good to be through? Maybe, but al least it’s Best of Both Worlds!

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