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Live Chat in Mobile Service Cloud allows you to interact with your website visitors in real-time for a seamless experience.

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Customer expects help in real-time

The web widget allows you to interact with your customers in real-time and help them when they need it. Customers can chat anonymously, with their name, join in to chat live or fill out an email form.

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Enable fast, personal customer service

Invite customers to chat, send them relevant offers or products.

Easily share information with colleagues all in one conversational view.

FAQs can be answered quicker with Predefined Responses.

Enhance customer experience with a chat widget tailored to your brand.

Guide visitors through your website. Help them while co-browsing.

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Customisable chat widget

Your customers may start chatting instantly on your website with the customised frontend widget. As an agent, you have the option of going offline or online. The widget changes from live chat to e-mail if no one is available. To let customers know when they may reach you, add service hours.

Customise the widget to fit your brand and website's design.

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    Show availability and service hours

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    Custom branding possibilities

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    E-mail fallback

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Manage all Live Chats in one inbox

Use Live Chat, which is part of our Mobile Service Cloud, to engage with every client. Customer data is augmented in the conversation view, giving you all the context you need, such as past discussions from any channel.

You may ask a colleague a question or forward the topic to an external provider from the same perspective. All of this is contained under the Mobile Service Cloud.

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    Consolidated view of all support channels per customer

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    360° customer profile, right next to the customer’s question

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    Collaborate easily with internal and external parties

Boost service, increase sales

Real-time pre-sales conversations help customers convert. Mobile Service Cloud, can see what the user is doing, and assist them on your website. Based on behaviour, such as visited pages, you can send proactive messages via Live Chat.

Inspire your team to generate more sales with sales tracking and 'win messages'.

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    Send proactive messages based on customer data and behavior

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    Measure your teams' sales contribution for each channel

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    Help customers navigate your site with co-browsing

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