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What is Conversational Commerce?

Consumers are increasingly relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication, whether personal, business, or commerce. Increasingly, consumers are using chat to find and select products and services, and to complete the path to purchase without having to call, email or visit a website. Everything is happening within the messaging app.

With Conversational Commerce, you can be exactly where your customers are. This means communicating with your customers on their favourite messaging app, combined with data tools and payment solutions for the optimal customer experience.

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  1. Conversational Messaging

    Create a presence on all the messaging channels your customers use daily via our Business Messaging API, Customer Contact web tool, or partner chatbots.

  2. Customer Data Platform

    Build 360 degree profiles of customers from any source using our data platform. Automate and personalise consumer engagement via any channel in real-time using segments and workflows.

  3. In-app payments

    Remove any barrier in the path to purchase by allowing customers to complete payment securely within the conversation.

The role of Conversational Commerce

The term Conversational Commerce isn’t all that new. Back in 2015, Uber’s Chris Messina already mentioned Conversational Commerce as the ‘intersection of messaging apps and shopping’. The Uber experience now sets the new standard across the globe.

Find out more about the 3 building blocks.

1. Conversational Messaging

Each customer has their own favourite messaging channels. To reach them all, you need presence on all of the important messaging channels for a true omni-channel presence.

Our messaging channels include -amongst others- WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and of course the reliable SMS for those internet-scarce moments.

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Connected Conversational Messaging channels

WhatsApp Business


1.5 billion users

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

2.5 billion users

Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat

1.3 billion users



1 billion users



800 million users



200 million users

2. Customer profiles

Marketing is changing. Customers expect relevant and personal messages. You can only do this by really getting to know your customers.

With CM Data you can collect data from multiple sources using ready-made integrations or connect to the API - 360 degree profiles are created using a secure and compliant data platform.

Build real time segments and workflows for these profiles and send hyper-personalised communication on any channel. Choose to export your customer profiles and upload into Facebook Ads Manager for remarketing purposes (with an active opt-in).

Enjoy real time insights into your customers data and behaviour.

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3. In-app payments

Remove any threshold on the path-to-purchase and allow safe and easy payments within the conversation. As a Payment Service Provider in Europe, we enable implementation of the most popular payment solutions in your Conversational Commerce proposition.

Accept payments from most parts of the world and use specialised payment solutions that meet the needs of your customers and your country. For local payments within South Africa, choose to add your own mobile payments solutions provider via QR code into the customer journey. For more on payments, visit our global payments page.

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Our platform provides a smart combination of messaging, voice, authentication, digital signatures, ticketing, and customer data solutions. Start-ups and enterprise businesses rely on our platform daily for better marketing, sales and service.

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