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Jul 20, 2023
8 minutes read

Facebook Messenger: Popularity, Users, and Insights

Everybody has probably used (or at the very least heard of) Facebook and its communication channel Facebook Messenger. But did you know that Facebook Messenger can be of great added value for your business? Use this versatile channel to reach your audience!

Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger probably doesn't need an introduction: with over 2 billion active users, this popular messaging app is well-known worldwide. But it is so much more than just a messaging app.

This well-rounded app is a powerful online tool for customer contact. Use it to expand the reach of your business whilst increasing engagement. The business solution of Facebook Messenger offers you the option to recruit, support, and advertise via this powerful social platform.

  1. Show customers that you care by offering conversational and personal support on their favorite channel

  2. Sell and complete transactions in-channel

  3. Create brand awareness with ads and your own business page. Build your own community.

75% of consumers favor communicating with a business via messaging channels over traditional channels.

The reason for this is that messaging channels often boast many benefits and features that help businesses to offer personal and conversational support on a well-known and trusted channel.

Read more about Conversational Messaging >

Benefits and Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has many benefits and useful features to boost engagement, offer personal support, and build your brand awareness.

Rich Channel

On Facebook Messenger, messages are more than just plain text. You can send rich content such as photos, videos, PDFs, GIFs, and even locations! It also allows you to add buttons to the conversation to further enhance customer engagement. You can now provide that unique and personalized experience that your customers desire.

Easily Accessible

Your customers can start a conversation with you via Facebook Messenger whenever it's convenient for them, thanks to the many entry points that Facebook offers: Your Facebook business page, website-plugins, QR-codes, private replies, and even links. It also allows an asynchronous way of communicating with your customers, making it easier for them to stay in touch with you in their busy day-to-day lives.

24/7 Service

Facebook Messenger allows you to automate conversations with a chatbot to offer service to your customers 24/7. Of course, no chatbot is omniscient, and some enquiries do require a human touch, but common issues and FAQs can easily be solved by conversational AI.

Trusted and Secure

Facebook Messenger allows you to have a Verified account to create a safe and secure environment for your customers. Create brand awareness with your linked company page

Facebook Messenger Use Cases for Business

Facebook Messenger has some excellent benefits for dynamic use cases, but what exactly are the use cases for this channel?

Customer Service

Use Facebook Messenger for a personalized and conversational customer experience in customer service. The platform allows you to amplify customer contact with rich content like pictures, videos, locations, and more. Ideal for sharing information! You can even add buttons to encourage engagement, and implement a chatbot for 24/7 availability.


Effective marketing involves reaching the right person, at the right time, in the right place. The community-oriented platform of Facebook offers great ways to showcase your corporate personality, for example by showcasing your brand identity on your Facebook business page. But it can even further enhance its added marketing value with Facebook Marketing Messages, allowing you to send promotional content to your customers to market your brand!

Facebook Messenger Users & Demographics

Globally speaking, Facebook Messenger ranks third in the top three most popular messaging channels. Quite an impressive accomplishment! But how many Facebook users are there?

Facebook Messenger boasts over 2 billion users, and over 7 million businesses already use Facebook Messenger as a channel to boost customer contact. More than 20 billion conversations take place between business and users monthly. Besides personal contact, there are also 300k bots active on Facebook Messenger, exchanging 8 billion automated messages daily. As of May 2022, North America has the most active Facebook users: 82.3 percent of the population uses this social media platform. Overall, Facebook's popularity is lowest in Africa, where only 20.83 percent of the population uses it. (Statista)

Most Popular Messaging Channels: Global

channel advisor global

Facebook Messenger Audience: Millennials & Gen X

Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging app for Millennials or Gen X. Not surprisingly, since this generation saw the birth and rise of this social platform. Gen X also ranks Facebook Messenger as a favorite app, though it shares a first place with WhatsApp.

Most Popular Messaging Channels: Millennials & Gen X


The app is less popular amongst Gen Z and Boomers, but still ranks in the top three most popular messaging apps for those age groups. It ranks 2nd for Boomers, who prefer WhatsApp, and 3rd for Gen Z, who put Instagram Messaging at the top.

Most Popular Messaging Channels: Gen Z & Boomers


Facebook Messenger Users in the United States

Facebook Messenger is the king of social apps in the United States, ranking as the number one most popular messaging channel. Even their neighbour Canada agrees: Facebook Messenger is the preferred channel!

Most Popular Messaging Channels: USA & Canada


Further down South in the Americas however, Facebook Messenger loses some of it's popularity to WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp downloads in Mexico reached approximately five million during the second quarter of 2022, making it the highest ranking channel. Brazil agrees with Mexico and also places WhatsApp first.

Most Popular Messaging Channels: Mexico & Brazil


Facebook Messenger Users in Europe

In Europe, Facebook Messenger has a harder time competing for popularity with the other messaging channels. Only in France and Denmark did it manage to grab first place. Whereas Sweden and the Netherlands placed it 2nd. Generally speaking though, Facebook Messenger still manages to place within the top three for almost all European countries. Except for Spain, who gave Facebook Messenger 4th place.

Facebook Messenger Popularity: Europe




Facebook Messenger Users in Asia

Asia is proof that you can't be the best everywhere in the world: Facebook Messenger didn't manage to snag the title 'most popular messaging channel. Singapore did give it 2nd place, and in Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates it placed 3rd. In East-Asia, we also see some new competitors enter the market, such as Line.

Facebook Messenger Popularity: Asia




Facebook Messenger For Your Business

Facebook Messenger has an enormous reach worldwide, proudly boasting top three placements of most popular messaging channel in large parts of the world. With its rich media, innovative features, and innovative use cases, it's easy to see why the channel would be a great addition to any communication strategy. Especially if your target audience prefers it as a communication channel (look at you, North-America).

Want to know more about Facebook Messaging and what added value it has for your company? Feel free to contact one of experts to discuss the possibilities!

Let's Discuss What Value Facebook Messenger Can Add to Your Business!

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