What is Ticketing?

Ticketing is an integrated technology used by event organizers, venues, and promoters. Ticketing provides brands with a centralized platform where they can optimize the online customer experience, and enhance the transaction process; end-to-end.

This includes registration, ticket sales, updates, reminders and invitations, entry validation, and additional purchases. 

How Does Ticketing Work?

The best ticketing apps work by allowing your customers to book a ticket in seconds, enter any discount codes, select additional products, add contact details and marketing preferences and pay securely. All from one convenient secure platform.

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Once the booking process has been completed, the customer receives a scannable e-ticket. On arrival at the event, they can check in instantly using their phone, saving time and hassle and reducing the risk of lost tickets or receipts. 

How Does Ticketing Benefit Businesses and Consumers?

Ticketing streamlines and automates the entire process of booking a ticket and attending an event or visiting a venue. Whether you’re organizing a sports event, or selling tickets for a nightclub, museum, or theater, ticketing removes unnecessary admin, reduces errors, improves the customer experience, and increases loyalty.

Here are four of the key benefits of ticketing for businesses and consumers:

  • Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Every touchpoint your customer has with your brand can be managed through the ticketing app. All bookings, payments, and marketing communications are handled in one centralized location, so your customer can complete purchases, receive useful updates and promotions, and manage all their tickets in a few clicks. The tickets are easily accessible at all times and long queues at events are a thing of the past. 

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  • Boost Sales and Conversions

Customers expect a swift and smooth user journey. Ticketing makes the whole process of booking and attending events easier, helping you increase sales and identify opportunities for remarketing. For example, you can send groups or individuals targeted promotions based on their interests and encourage them to make additional purchases relating to their event.  

  • Get a Better Understanding of Your Customers

Ticketing gives you real-time insights into your customer behavior, including their interests and preferences. This valuable data can be used for marketing and promotional activities, such as sending personalized offers to loyal customers and alerting them to related events – all in their favorite mobile channel.

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You can also use the data to get detailed information about visitor spending, popular or unpopular entry times, demographics, devices, payment methods, and much more. This helps you control costs, improve the user journey, identify potential partners (additional drinks providers, for example), and generally understand how to keep your customers loyal and engaged. 

  • Increase Attendance and Reattendance

The best way to get visitors to return to your venue or event – and recommend it to others - is by showing them a great time. Visitors can scan their tickets at the door in seconds, helping to reduce queuing times. Furthermore, by ordering food and drink in advance, your customers will have more time to spend enjoying the event – and you’re likely to increase sales too. 

How To Get Started With Ticketing 

Getting started with ticketing is simple and straightforward. In a matter of minutes, you can register an event, start taking bookings, processing payments, and communicating with your customers. If you want to integrate Ticketing with third parties or other suppliers, no problem.

So why stand by and let your competitors benefit from all that increased revenue and valuable audience data? 

Join thousands of major events and sports clubs in 20 countries worldwide, and choose CM.com Ticketing to sell and promote your events.

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