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Customer Story - Moco Museum

Moco Museum is a museum of today and uses's smart technologies to stand out and always remain innovative. To meet today's high expectations of visitors, it is important to provide a unique experience for success and engagement.

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All-In-One Ticketing Solution

Our ticketing solution is designed specifically for your industry and provides a user-friendly buying experience for your visitors. With the efficient ticketing process, they can purchase a ticket within 30 seconds and immediately start enjoying your museum or park.

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    Self-service CMS to manage the entire ticketstreet

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    Timeslots and dynamic pricing

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    Bookings for groups or schools

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    Extensive statistics & reports

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Global Reseller for Additional Sales Channels

Our Global Reseller enables you to easily offer your tickets through international and local resellers. Travel agents can offer your tickets directly to their customers, and online resellers will list your products on their website.

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    Expand your reach and attract visitors from all over the world

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    Easily manage all your resellers from one dashboard

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    800+ reseller already connected to the platform

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Mobile Marketing for Personal Communication

Inform visitors about new exhibits, parking and more through their preferred communication channel. Start by collecting all the data and create automated communication flows based on behavior and preferences. 

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    Send text, videos, links and audio messages via WhatsApp & SMS

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    Design landing pages in your own style

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    Centralize all your visitor data

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Cash Register for Ticketing, Catering & More

Innovative cash register software to use for ticket sales at the door, in the souvenir shop or in the restaurant.

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    User-friendly and fast software

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    Reliable and insightful statistics

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    Wide range of payment options

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    Self-service kiosk at the entrance

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Infographic museums & parks’s Roadmap to the Ultimate Visitor Experience

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