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How to Start With WhatsApp Business Interactive Buttons

We have been waiting for the button feature since the launch of the WhatsApp Business API and this is the first step to start using them! WhatsApp released the Interactive Button Templates which provides you as a company with the opportunity to add buttons for quick replies or call to actions. Buttons are key to create a frictionless customer journey and we will explain to you why they are so important and how you can use this new feature.

WhatsApp Message Templates are specific message formats that businesses use to send out notifications, alerts, and customer care messages to people who have opted-in to receive messages. These may include appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, payment updates and can now be enriched with interactive buttons.

It’s All About Improving Your Customer Experience

The new interactive buttons can help making customer interactions faster and simpler. You can now start an easy chat by using buttons to guide the logical conversation flow. This will help automate your internal process and limit misunderstandings with pre-defined answers.

Four main points make buttons so valuable:

  1. It creates clear options for your customer to choose from. Which helps define faster journeys to the right answers.
  2. Less mistakes are made when offering clear options and this is easier to interpret for a chatbot.
  3. It simplifies conversational flows.
  4. It is the same for all WhatsApp Business Accounts, so it offers a consistent way of showing options.

Can’t wait to try them out, login here or check out our API docs.

Two Ways to Use the New WhatsApp Business Buttons

  • Call to action buttons (CTA-URL)

CTA buttons come in three options. Using a static URL, you can give direct access via a single click to your website. You can also set up the button to visit a dynamic website, your customer is then directed to a personalized website. Finally, you can use it to call a predefined phone number.

  • Quick replies

Using buttons as quick replies can be used in many use cases like reservation confirmation, checking phone credit, balance checks, ordering services and more. This option allows you to create up to three buttons for your customer to choose from.

Rich Features Already Available in Templates

You can use rich media in the header of your templates and add buttons, you are the one that make the choice! This gives you extra opportunities: your Message Template can combine text and be enriched with emoji’s, URLs, Image, PDF or Video. Easily send out your next work-out update or even share a preview of your menu!

Do you want to start testing and developing your WhatsApp Business solution and flow without waiting for your WhatsApp Business Account to be approved? This is now possible with our WhatsApp sandbox testing environment.

Start With Interactive WhatsApp Templates!

We have made it really easy: you can request your Interactive Button Templates for WhatsApp directly in Channels in your dashboard.

We can't wait to see what you will create to give your customers a the best experience or how you will optimize your flow!

To start simply login here and if you need more info, check out our API doc for an example of a WhatsApp interactive template message and on WhatsApp interactive replies (MO).

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