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Why is BYOC Becoming the De Facto Way to Increase Agility, Manage Compliance and Reduce Costs?

Welcome to BYOC. In as little as two clicks you can avoid spending hundreds of Euros and weeks of integrations, extending your choice of SIP Trunk providers.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) SIP Trunking is an increasingly popular way for businesses of all sizes to reduce costs, gain greater control of their inbound and outbound call traffic, and better manage their numbers.

Regulations are changing across different geographies, remote customer support has never been more important. Companies therefore need flexible and easy-to-integrate SIP Trunk providers. 

BYOC is the alternative that’s fast becoming the global standard to support multiple SIP providers and ensure businesses can scale quickly and without disruption.

What is BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier)? 

Software that has traditionally been closed is now opening up to third-party SIP providers. Forget limitations with legacy software or being tied into 1-2-1 relationships. BYOC delivers flexibility in choice of SIP provider(s) and can help open up new markets while increasing resilience and significantly reducing costs. 

Traditional telecoms technologies like Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Centre and Unified Communications software solutions are typically all-in-one packages. They may contain the software, as well as the SIP Trunking and Virtual Numbers, which can work fine, but also means end-customers are 100% dependent on the software provider to guarantee quality, coverage, compliance and cost. 

The challenge is that every software vendor cannot excel in all of these areas; they may build exceptional software solutions, but fall short in telecoms expertise.

BYOC allows customers of Cloud PBX, Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) and Unified-Communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) solutions to add or choose their own SIP Trunking provider. Customers of these SaaS solutions can take control over routing, capacity, coverage and cost for outbound and inbound calls, instead of relying completely on the packaged SIP solution offered by the SaaS supplier.

If your SaaS provider does not support BYOC, it’s important to challenge them so you can add SIP providers in the near future! If you decide to switch or invest in a new solution, make sure to pick one with BYOC support packaged in.

Why is BYOC Important? 

Telecoms regulation is intensifying in Europe and Asia, because voice traffic is often linked to spam or fraud. This poses a challenge for reputable companies: once you have your traffic and numbers up and running in a particular country and are fully compliant, the last thing you want to do is switch everything or pay more to manage compliance.

More agile players in this space, like, support BYOC natively. This means businesses can integrate the SIP Trunk into their SaaS solution quickly, rather than it taking months (or not being possible at all). This not only gives businesses greater flexibility and choice, but also greater resilience in the face of increasingly complex and disparate regulations. 

Cost is another key point. The financial cost – and the time required – to achieve and remain compliant with traffic routing regulations in different countries can be prohibitive to business. 

SIP Trunk providers like have experienced staff available to do the heavy lifting. We’re more agile than the traditional telcos, having built our SIP Trunking from the ground up, without burdensome overhead costs like legacy, third party agreements or expensive cloud hosting. This is why we can typically offer cost savings of up to 50%. 

What Five Big Advantages Does BYOC Provide?

1. Less dependency on SIP Trunking connections embedded in the software solution. By having the ability to select specific or multiple SIP vendors, you increase your redundancy and resilience while simplifying compliance.

2. Ability to add a new connection quickly. If your traffic grows quickly, you can simply add a new connection from a dropdown menu and be off and running. 

3. Increased coverage and quality for destinations not sufficiently covered by your existing partners as you grow into new markets.

4. Lower costs, especially on outbound calls, from as little as €0.0040 

5. Avoid expensive, time-consuming porting. Keeping your numbers when switching to another software solution can take two months and it can go wrong, forcing you to start again and damage customer trust. With BYOC, once you have found the right carrier, you can stick with it while still adding additional SIP providers as needed.

And the great thing is that these changes can happen at speed. The best SIP vendors have integrations with multiple software platforms, connecting end-customers with different carriers or other SIP Trunk providers can typically be complete within a day.

Who is has a wide array of different integrations live, technical specialists for one-to-one integration support, and global coverage. We are also a licensed, approved and full-service telco operator in the Netherlands and Belgium, and are working with our network of global partners to expand our compliant, high-quality SIP Trunking and Number services across markets.

Who Should Use BYOC?

If you have large growth ambitions like expanding into new territories, BYOC guarantees that you can easily add current or additional carriers for new destinations. If you’re a small, but no less ambitious business, BYOC is the perfect way to scale – up or down – on your growth journey. Either way you can be sure that your SIP Trunking connectivity and related back-end systems support local requirements and regulations and give you good, enterprise-quality coverage. 

If you have a lot of traffic going to a certain destination, for example, and know that your current provider cannot handle that, you can simply add another one. Instead of being dependent on one provider, you can work with as many as you need, keeping the numbers you have and adding more if required.

As telco markets become more regulated and complex, BYOC will become the de facto way to retain control of your traffic and manage your numbers, no matter what geographies you’re in or how quickly you need to change your setup. An agile business is a successful business and BYOC is the ideal setup to boost your own growth.

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Stijn Coppieters

Stijn Coppieters is a senior product manager at, and your go to guy for anything related to Voice, SIP Trunking and CPaaS. He also likes to make music and play games.

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