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9 Top Marketing Use Cases for Voice Campaigns

What's more impactful than a personal, spoken message? The human voice is one of the most powerful ways to convey information to your customers, supporters, and employees. But how can you do it at scale? Voice campaigns enable you to reach people effectively, boosting engagement and reach while controlling costs.

Tom Faas
Tom Faas,
Product Marketer

What Is a Voice Campaign?

Voice campaigns enable you to deliver audible marketing messages and information to thousands of people in seconds. They allow you to record messages you can send en masse at a scheduled date and time.

Speakers feel comfortable and confident when they know their message is just right.

Many people prefer recording information to speaking in real-time, as you can edit or even delete pre-recorded messages at the touch of a button.

The written word can be misinterpreted easily. With pre-recorded audio campaigns, your audience can hear you the way you want to be heard, with every nuance and emphasis intact. By sending a natural-sounding audio message file via voice, you eliminate miscommunication and open up new, high-impact ways of conveying important information.

Voice campaigns:

  • Have global reach and reliability

  • Offer various language/speaking options

  • Promise an almost 100% delivery rate

Top 9 Automated Voice Message Campaigns to Inspire You

Here are nine inspiring ways you can use automated voice messaging to reach and engage your audience uniquely.

1. Personalize Using Multiple Channels

Can’t decide between a voice, SMS, or email marketing campaign? You don’t have to! Combining two or more channels is a force multiplier. Using voice, SMS, email marketing, and a compelling landing page increase conversions by taking advantage of omnichannel marketing.

2. Inform Employees & Encourage Referrals

Do you update employees on the successes of your marketing efforts? If you have exciting news to share about ongoing programs that employees contribute to, keep them in the loop with voice broadcasting. Sharing marketing updates and client wins get extra sizzle when people can hear the enthusiasm in your voice.

3. Promote an Event

How exciting would it be to get a voice message from your favorite musician or athlete? If you promote sporting events, concerts, or speaking engagements, hiring a celebrity voice to do your endorsement pays off for both of you.

dua lipa voice campaign4. Inspire and Motivate

Are you a coach or mentor who works with large groups of people? Send voice campaigns to speak to those who look to you for motivation directly, inspiring them before the big game or corporate event.

5. Boost Political Campaigns

Political calling gets a shot in the arm from voice broadcasting campaigns. Getting the word out about political candidates or local, state, or nationwide issues requires a personal touch for maximum effectiveness.

6. Publicize Contests and Giveaways

If you’re running a contest or giveaway and want to get the word out, mass voice messaging campaigns are the way to go. Communicating prizes, entry rules, and deadlines helps to stir up customer interest. When it’s time to announce the winner, shout it from the rooftops!

7. Announce Flash Sales

Promoting flash sales has never been easier with automated voice messaging. Whether you have online or in-store sales to communicate, having customers hear about deals on products they want to buy helps drive them to act. Add a keyword to use in-store for exclusive rewards to add incentive.

8. Conduct Marketing Surveys

Marketing surveys can be difficult to implement and even harder to gather responses to. Sending a spoken survey request can persuade customers to take a few moments to click on a link via text and participate.

9. Request Podcast and Blog Subscriptions

Do you have a new podcast to promote or an awesome blog that no one is reading? Share a snippet of your podcast or blog via audio, and ask customers to subscribe on your website.

Speak to Your Customers Today with’s Voice Campaigns

With Voice Campaigns, automated voice messaging is quick and easy. Use pre-recorded voice messages or text-to-speech to add a personal touch to your mobile marketing campaigns and communications.

Voice Campaigns are part of’s Mobile Marketing Cloud. Mobile Marketing Cloud is the only omnichannel customer engagement solution that empowers marketers to increase engagement and conversion via superior customer experiences.

With the Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Increase your conversion rates by creating voice message campaigns to reach your audience in mass.

  • Combine pre-recording voice messages, SMS messaging, and popular mobile messaging channels using our single web-based interface for greater reach.

  • Use our simple drag-and-drop Voice Campaigns app to create or upload your audio file.

  • Quickly reach an audience worldwide using our text-to-speech functionality that transforms your text into lifelike audio messages in a variety of languages. also offers Voice Broadcasting and text-to-speech (TTS) technology via our Voice API apps. Voice Apps are a set of pre-configured apps for outbound scenarios, enabling you to expand your possibilities.

Get access to Voice Campaigns via our Mobile Marketing Cloud and grow your business today!

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Tom Faas
Tom Faas,
Product Marketer
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Is product marketer for the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Tom connects the dots between the product, marketing and sales teams.
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