What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp Business Platform allows large and medium sized businesses to engage and communicate with customers at scale via APIs. Engagement can be live or automated, and the APIs can be integrated with numerous back-end systems.

WhatsApp Business Platform takes the popular messaging app into the commercial world, offering a specialized chat app focused on businesses plus an API that adds true enterprise-scale capabilities, letting you send millions of automated messages on the channel 2.7 billion consumers already trust.

Unlike the 'normal' consumer app, WhatsApp Business Platform is not actually an app. It is an interface that allows businesses to connect to WhatsApp at scale via APIs.

What Are the WhatsApp Business Platform APIs?

WhatsApp Business Platform consists of three APIs that businesses can connect to: the WhatsApp Business Platform On-Premise API, the WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API, and the WhatsApp Business Platform Business Management API.

WhatsApp On-Premise API

The WhatsApp Business Platform On-Premise API is a GDPR-compliant on-premise REST API protocol. The On-Premise API software is hosted individually or by Business Service Providers, who install and run the software on their infrastructure to make it available for businesses to use.

WhatsApp Cloud API

The WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API allows businesses to engage with customers via cloud-based servers owned by Meta. This negates the costs of having to host servers and makes the solution easily scalable.

WhatsApp Business Management API

The WhatsApp Business Platform Business Management API allows businesses to manage their WhatsApp Business Account settings and assets.

How to Get WhatsApp Business Platform?

Working with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (such as CM.com) is easiest way to get access to WhatsApp Business Platform. Business Service Providers (BSPs) are exclusively selected by Meta to offer direct access to WhatsApp Business Platform.

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