What Is Seated Ticketing?

Seated Ticketing simply refers to the act of allocating tickets for events with an assigned seat, for example, at a football stadium or tennis championship so that spectators have a dedicated place to observe the game. This is opposed to a ‘general admission’ booking.

For instance, which would usually be referred to as a ‘standing ticket’ – especially at a concert, or when accessing an event like a festival where event-goers wouldn’t be allocated a specific seat.  

The sports industry is the biggest focus for Seated Ticketing due to the nature of sporting events, the capacity they require, and the venues in which they are held, for example, stadiums, where the only type of allocation available is seated.  

What Are the Benefits of Seated Ticketing 

The main benefits associated with Seated Ticketing boil down to the level of customization, control, and flexibility on offer. Whether that’s mostly related to capacity, logistics, or pricing, it’s about delivering experiences for visitors with as little disappointment as possible. 

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With CM.com’s Seated Ticketing product, organizers can sell tickets for their events based on a seat map, which they can create themselves and personalize to their specific needs. For example, it may be required to set different pricing for the seating at a venue depending on their location and view of the event. This can be customized, too, with the option to set tiered pricing or charge the same price for all seats, if preferred.  

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Such personalization also applies to event scheduling. If an event takes place over the course of multiple days, pricing and availability can be determined for seating allocation depending on the day or time, with the option to publish different ticket sales pages on the organizer’s shop website, accordingly.  

Organizers can opt for automatic placements - meaning those purchasing tickets are allocated a seat at random - or decide to let them choose their own from the seat map. They can also add their own branding to their ticket shop, adding color, logos, or any relevant images. 

Why Use CM.com’s Seated Ticketing Software? 

Seated Ticketing software isn’t just about customizing seat maps, pricing, and allocation. 

What makes this product unique is that it works in conjunction with a suite of CM.com tools that integrate together seamlessly to offer an experience that competitors cannot. The integration of CM.com’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables you to gather the data of your supporters. This can be utilized to send automated, personalized messages. This way, you are able to keep supporters up-to-date thanks to Mobile Marketing Cloud via for example WhatsApp Business, SMS, and Email. Event organizers can set up a flow so that spectators are kept up-to-date and sent relevant information before, on, and after the day of the event. 

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At CM.com, you only need one platform and one login. You can add more products as and when you need them to enrich your offering of services. Whether that’s ticket sales, email campaigns, or gathering and analyzing the data of your customers for better engagement, it can be done easily, and from one place.  

If you want to learn more about CM.com’s Seated Ticketing product and how it works, head over to our Ticketing page. Or, if you’re specifically interested in ticketing for sporting events, visit our Ticketing page for sport, events & unions.

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