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Kentaa and join forces to deliver an all-in-one solution for online fundraising.

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Successfully Raise Money for a Good Cause, Having Fun!

Kentaa is an expert when it comes to online fundraising. The Dutch tech company helps organizations that are devoted to improving people’s lives. Marc Schoutens, Managing Director at Kentaa explains: “We offer online platforms and tools that enable charitable organizations and their supporters to successfully raise funds. Our tools can be used for event fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising, collecting donations online and more.” Kentaa is continually looking for ways to improve the services. That’s why they teamed up with to integrate new payment options and marketing software into their fundraising tool.

Make It Personal and Cost-Effective

When Kentaa developed its own Digicollect tool in-house, it had one goal in mind: creating a powerful online collection box to receive donations for charitable organizations. This smart tool adds a new revenue stream for charitable organizations, which rely heavily on donations. Wendy Schilder, who works at as the account manager and main point of contact for Kentaa, says: “Kentaa is an ideal partner for helping us at to reach our goals in the non-profit sector because it gives us an opportunity to put a personalized customer journey and a face behind the digital collection box.” Marc adds: “This partnership is good news for Kentaa too, because it gives us a wide selection of competitive payment service providers (PSPs) to choose from on our platform, so we can help non-profit organizations to raise funds without them having to pay heavy fees.

“We want to not only encourage people to use our digital collection box but also give our customers a chance to activate their fundraisers with personalized customer journeys and various communication channels. We’re also working hard on expanding into countries like the UK, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. So, we’ve been looking for a partner with a strong international profile, like”

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Kentaa and Stronger Together

For Kentaa and, it was plain to see that the two companies are a perfect match for each other. Kentaa makes it possible for organizations to easily create their own collection boxes. And with Mobile Marketing Cloud from, organizations can reach their volunteers via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. “This lets you generate excitement with trigger-based messages. For example, you can send a “Thank You” message when a volunteer has reached, say, 50 euros in their collection box. The integration also lets us continually activate and motivate volunteers based on their behavior and channel preference," explains Wendy.

A Similar Strategy

The partnership between Kentaa and did not just happen overnight. The two companies have had close ties for years. “What unites Kentaa and is our strategy towards our customers,” says Marc. “We both offer powerful tools that put our customers in charge. And at the same time, we’re always there to offer personal support to our customers whenever they need us. Working with will also be a major advantage in helping Kentaa achieve our international expansion. has offices in many different countries, so they support a huge range of international payment methods and currencies that donors want to use. Now that we’ve added as our PSP, customers on our platform have a much better choice of payment providers, which is going to be a huge advantage. also makes it possible to see which form of collecting is performing the best during a campaign, which helps our customers to make data-driven decisions.”

Collector of the Netherlands Red Cross

The Netherlands Red Cross Is Happy With Kentaa and

The Netherlands Red Cross was the first charitable organization to work with the Digicollect-Mobile Marketing Cloud integration during a national fundraising week in June 2021. Maaike den Besten, Head of Collections at the Netherlands Red Cross, says that Kentaa and are the perfect combination. "Our wish was that all of our volunteer fundraisers were given their own profile with a password and that we could monitor different cashflows separately, create collection boxes during the collection week, and set up customer journeys by ourselves. This was all possible thanks to the combination of Kentaa and"

Cost-Effective for Organizations of All Sizes

In addition to its integration with Kentaa’s Digicollect, also offers an integration with the Kentaa platform that can be used for crowdfunding, event fundraising and peer-to-peer action fundraising platforms. Laura van de Ven, Senior Marketing & Fundraising Advisor at ActionAid says: “Each year, we want to raise more and more funds to strengthen our peer-to-peer campaign to stop violence against women. The Kentaa platform lets supporters do that by enabling them to set up their own action pages. enhances those campaigns even further with well-designed customer journeys and trigger-based messaging through email and SMS. Kentaa and make it easy for people to get involved and manage activities themselves. They guide people through the whole process first, so they’re ready to set up their supporter journeys and then manage and analyze them.”

Helping more charities in the future

Helping More Charities in the Future

Kentaa and hope to work with even more charities in the future, both inside the Netherlands and internationally. Wendy says, “ wants for Mobile Marketing Cloud to provide a pleasant experience for as many people as possible who are doing their part to support good causes. Our solution makes it easy and affordable for any charitable organization to engage with their volunteers through automated customer journeys that they create themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re reaching out to a network of 30,000 volunteer fundraisers or just 100 activists.”

Ready to Start Online Fundraising With Kentaa and

When you combine Kentaa’s fundraising platform or Digicollect with’s Mobile Marketing Cloud, you have the best of both worlds at your fingertips: a simple online collection and fundraising tool, plus personalized customer journeys. Check out a demo or schedule an introductory meeting with us!

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