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WeChat Pay

Enable Chinese consumers to pay with WeChat Pay on their mobile device. Start accepting WeChat Pay for online payments.

WeChat Pay

What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is a Chinese mobile wallet incorporated into WeChat, a multi-purpose app for personal and business messaging, social media and payments.

Users link their bank account, credit or debit card to their WeChat account to enable WeChat Pay. Payments are settled by the linked payment method.

The Chinese market is ahead when it comes to seamless integration of payments. Over a billion Chinese consumers use WeChat for their everyday conversations and purchases.

WeChat Pay European merchants

WeChat Pay for European Merchants

With the ever growing interest and demand by Chinese consumers for European products and services, online and in-store purchases are growing consequently.

For Chinese tourists in Europe, the right payment method is crucial in their purchasing decision. Chinese consumers are more likely to shop and spend more when merchants offer WeChat Pay.

By enabling WeChat Pay, merchants unlock the full potential of China's demand for European products.

WeChat Pay

Start Accepting WeChat Pay via

As official payment service provider of WeChat Pay, enables European merchants to accept WeChat Pay via QR code, both online and offline.

When a customer with a WeChat Pay account makes an online purchase at a merchant that offers the payment method, a WeChat Pay QR code is displayed on the check out page. The customer simply scans the QR code and accepts the purchase on their phone.

Offline, merchants can accept WeChat Pay payments by displaying the QR code on their POS terminal or on a tablet. Here the customer also scans the QR code and accepts the payment on their own phone.

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Volume Discount >2,000 Transactions p/m

We charge processing costs and payment method costs for each transaction. You only pay for successful transactions. There are no hidden fees involved.

WeChat Pay Costs: 3%

Processing Cost: € 0.14

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WeChat for Business

WeChat for Business

Start the conversation with your Chinese customers through WeChat messaging and offer them the customer experience they expect. Provide them with on-the-go access to your customer support.

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As collecting payment service provider based in the Netherlands, complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.

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Receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience. We enable you to receive payments in more than 60 different currencies.

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